McDonald’s Japan reminds everyone that French fries are vegetables to celebrate Vegetable Day

Well, they’re not wrong.

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Study of blood tests in Tokyo finds 98% as having vitamin D deficiencies

D up, everyone!

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Super sweet office romance manga produced by Japan Agriculture about the power of sugar

Business woman Toko and her subordinate Sato-kun are getting sweet with each other.

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You need this instant Japanese curry rice if you hate cooking but want to eat a balanced diet

This instant cup curry rice is blessed by the gods!

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McDonald’s Japan updates children’s Happy Meals to be more inspiring and nutritionally sound

January 8 heralds a new era of health-conscious menu options and educational freebies.

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New Japanese rice cooker cuts carbohydrates at the push of a button

Now you can lose weight just by eating rice. 

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It’s OK to eat ramen every day, says Japanese doctor…as long as it’s not one type

Doctor gives opinion on how to slot a daily bowl of ramen into a healthy diet.

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Cup Noodle’s Nissin releases ultra-nutritious instant ramen with “all nutrients your body needs”

Instant ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will take care of all your vitamin, mineral, and protein requirements, company says.

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Japanese man invented an app that visualizes how much sugar is in a drink, and everyone wants it

The app isn’t even available yet, but people are clamoring to get it!

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Don’t forget to eat your special sports fish sausage if you’re exercising in Japan

Why settle for protein bar flavors like chocolate or peanut butter when you can enjoy the performance-boosting nutritional goodness of compacted fish paste?

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A lemon has infinite vitamin C: unofficial joint study of Soft Drink Association, Twitter users

For some reason Japanese people love them some excessive amounts of vitamin C. Go to any convenience store or supermarket and your sure to find competing brands of drinks all loaded with the recommended daily intake of the stuff several times over.

But really, how many of us know off-hand what the daily recommended intake is? That’s why back in 2009 the Japan Soft Drink Association (JSDA) came up with a new labeling system that measures the amount of vitamin C added in units of lemons. I’m not sure how that actually makes it any clearer, but at least its something.

However, in the process it seems they have inadvertently created a formula that shows how a single lemon contains an infinite amount vitamin C.

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“Let them eat furikake!” says Mayor Hashimoto as Osaka school lunch saga rumbles on

He’s known for his outspoken and often controversial opinions, from saying that civil servants who have tattoos should resign, to denying the forcible recruitment of South Korean “comfort women” during the second world war.

But it was an intense debate about whether students should be allowed to have furikake seasoning with their school lunch that left city mayor Tōru Hashimoto scratching his head this week as he asked the Osaka Board of Education: “What’s wrong with furikake?!”

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Manga encourages kids to eat healthy

Study shows that manga can be used to promote good eating habits.

There’s an unwritten rule that seeing food in anime makes seem even more appealing than it would in real life. Now it seems that there may actually be some scientific evidence supporting that idea. A pilot study conducted recently in Brooklyn, New York found that manga can be used as a tool to encourage children and teenagers to increase their fruit intake.

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Japanese Woman Claims to Have Cured Husband’s Cancer through His Diet

Tomoko Wakasugi (Grandma Wakasugi) is a prolific writer on the shokuyo style of eating. Shokuyo is a lifestyle similar to a macrobiotic diet in which only all natural grains and plants are prepared and eaten carefully to maintain physical and mental health and combat disease.

She said that she began her writing career after prolonging her husband’s life to six years after he was only given two months to live by doctors. His dying wish was for her to help others through her knowledge of alternative nutrition.

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