We tried it out before it even became available in restaurants!

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s SoraKitchen: Carb Edition! Today we made the must-try dish of the season: Sukiya’s new Yakisoba Gyudon [Beef Bowl] Omu Curry MIX bowl!

Sukiya’s dish, which commemorates the release of the upcoming Crayon Shin-chan anime film, was not yet out in restaurants at the time of this writing, but we simply could not wait to taste it, so we tried our hand at making it ourselves. Don’t worry; to keep it authentic, we used mostly Sukiya foods to make it, so the flavors are probably as close to the original as we could get them.

In fact, you’ll only need two ingredients for this recipe: Sukiya’s “Omu Gyu Curry” bento, which is a prepared meal you can buy from Sukiya for between 690 and 1040 yen (US$6.28 to $9.47, depending on the size), and which comes with rice, gyudon beef, and curry sauce…

…And a serving of instant yakisoba. Sukiya doesn’t ordinarily serve yakisoba, so we had to improvise a bit here with our favorite brand, Ippei-chan Yakisoba, but you can use whatever brand you like most.

Now, the first step to preparing the Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry MIX bowl is to cook the yakisoba. You can probably do it according to package directions, but we decided to be fancy and cook it in a pan in water. First we brought the recommended amount of water to a boil, then we added the noodles and waited impatiently for three minutes for them to cook. While we waited, we went ahead and opened our bento, so that once the yakisoba was done, we could just plop it on there.

When the noodles were ready, we added the yakisoba sauce and powder that comes with the box, and gave it a vigorous stir to make sure all that deliciousness was evenly distributed. Once we were satisfied, we dumped that baby on top of our bento. And, voila! It was finished.

It’s very easy, but we have two tips to making your own Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry MIX bowl. First, we highly recommend using Sukiya’s Omu Gyu Curry bowl as a base for your MIX bowl. That way you don’t have to go through the trouble of making your own gyudon, omelet, or curry, and all you have to do is make the yakisoba.

Secondly, don’t worry about the small details of the dish. You can fuss about whether you have the right kind of yakisoba, or whether you have enough yakisoba, or about a million other things. But don’t fuss! Really the most important thing is putting all the ingredients together. So long as you have all four major components, you can’t fail!

In fact, you have much more freedom to make it your own when you cook it yourself. For example, those who truly love carbs can choose to make two or even three packages of instant yakisoba to top your bento with, and you have the freedom to choose the flavor of the yakisoba and to decide if you want to mix it with the curry sauce or not. You can also buy a bigger bento, or even add more omelets to your bento for 170 yen each. The sky (or the size of your stomach/amount of cash in your wallet) is the limit!

So that is our (partially) homemade version of this spring’s hottest dish: the Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry MIX bowl. It’s equal parts gyudon, omelet, yakisoba, and curry; it has everything anyone could ever want, so if you find yourself wondering what to do for dinner tonight, look no further. No one will find anything to complain about with this dish!

The actual Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry MIX bowl from Sukiya came out on April 7, so it’s actually already out. We recommend their version as it’s cheaper and more authentic, but since it’s a limited-time-only dish, you now have an option to make it once it’s gone! Happy eating, my friends!

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