Weird sleeping position baffles the mind, defies gravity and warms the heart.

Linguistically, we’ve all come to agree that cats are the masters of sleeping. Say that someone is taking a “dognap” or “birdnap” and you’ll get nothing but blank stares in response, but we all instantly know what someone means when they say “catnap.”

Cats often exhibit this prowess with the speed they can fall asleep, the depth of their slumber, or their seasonal adaptability, but one kitty in Kumamoto Prefecture, at the southern end of Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, is excelling in the catnap field by proving it can sleep just about anywhere, even while hanging across a garden fence.

This precariously perched feline may look like it’s had its photo snapped in the middle of scurrying over the partition, but it’s actually fast asleep, as shown in this video of it snoozing away.

It’s not like this was a one-time case of the cat just having a particularly tiring day. Multiple passers-by have spotted the kitty in the Fujisakigu neighborhood of Kumamoto City on different days. As a matter of fact, the animal has become a sort of local celebrity.

Every now and then, the cat keeps some sort of symmetry in its body positioning.

More often than not, though, it’s limbs and midsection are draped haphazardly across the top of the fence, making it hard to believe it hasn’t fallen off its “bed.”

But the fact that it keeps climbing up there to sleep, and the fact that it can sleep through all the oohing, aahing, and camera shutter clicking going on, means this expert-level napping cat must be pretty comfortable.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@minttea235