Double your pleasure, double your fun, with the great taste of a double-nyama bun.

Long time readers of this website might be aware that our Japanese writer Go Hatori enjoys visiting the African nation of Kenya and keeps in close contact with several friends there to this day. One such keyboard-pal by the name of Charles sent him as photo that rocked his world last June.

This was The Nyama Nyama Burger from KFC Kenya, in a rather dramatic packaging. Judging by the tag line at the bottom, the city being razed is a metaphor for hunger and the fleet of attack choppers overhead represent this undeniably intriguing sandwich’s ability to decimate it.

“Nyama” is the Swahili word for “meat,” so “Nyama Nyama” describes how this is essentially a variation of the Double Down that KFC sells all over the world. However, it also has some twists that has made it unique to Kenya for years, such as a fried hash brown rather than bacon in between the two pieces of chicken.

Go stared at the photo of Charles with his The Nyama Nyama Burger in pure caloric bliss, and was struck with a pang of jealousy.

Booking a flight to Kenya to buy one for himself simply wasn’t in the cards for our writer though. Travel was out of the question for obvious reasons, and even if he could, Go was dedicating most of 2021 to competing in an amateur kickboxing tournament which meant he had to watch his weight like a hawk.

But earlier this month, Go scored his first kickboxing victory and decided to celebrate by finally pigging out on his dream food from Kenya.

Go still couldn’t travel there, but Charles had explained how The Nyama Nyama Burger was made in detail and it seemed easy enough using ingredients readily available in Japan. The KFC chicken was no problem to acquire and the mayo, onion, cheese, and hash browns simply required a trip to the supermarket.

Go heated the hash browns and onion in the microwave and then placed each component in the order Charles described: chicken, mayo, cheese, hash brown, onion, cheese, mayo, and chicken.

All in all it was quite easy and looked every bit as decadent as Go imagined, there was just one thing missing.

He gave it another minute in the microwave, just to get the cheese all nice and gooey.

And so, the Japanese The Nyama Nyama Burger was complete!

Comparing it to the Kenyan original, Go’s seemed a little lighter on the mayo, but that may have been due to smearing and spreading of the fast food one’s mayonnaise while in transport.

▼ Kenya KFC

▼ GoFC

As for the taste, it took a while for it to register in Go’s brain. After months of strict dieting, he had experienced a severe case of calorie shock. Symptoms include convulsions and the ability to see through time.

When he came too, he described the taste as everything he expected — pure fatty, salty, creamy junk food ecstasy. There were probably some differences compared to the original. Mainly, the store-bought frozen hash brown almost certainly tasted different from what KFC Kenya would prepare.

Still, it was well worth the minimal effort and Go recommends the DIY The Nyama Nyama Burger wherever you live. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try our other homemade fast food monstrosities like the Caramel Macaron Burger and Oreo-Spam Burger.

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