Instant humidification, in a choice of two varieties!

Nissin has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of its popular Cup Noodle this year with a whole load of special limited-edition goods, covering everything from pouches through to Umaibo snacks and even weird and wonderful sodas.

Now, the celebrations are continuing with another exciting new release, and this time it’s a humidifier that looks exactly like a Cup Noodle.

The Cup Noodle Humidifier has similar dimensions to a real Cup Noodle, measuring 12.1 centimetres (4.8 inches) in height and 9.6 centimetres in diameter.

▼ Humidifier (left), Cup Noodle (right)

The clever design has steam escaping from beneath the lid of the humidifier, just as it would with a steaming hot Cup Noodle!

Simply fill the cup with up to 250 millilitres (8.4 ounces) of water, connect it to a USB port with the included cable, and switch the machine on to immediately humidify the area.

▼ No three-minute wait required.

The Cup Noodle Humidifier looks so realistic that you might think the steam rising from the machine has a noodle aroma, but alas, the makers say it does not.

▼ That doesn’t mean you can’t imagine it smells like ramen, though, especially if you have a pack of these bath crystals on hand!

Fans will be pleased to know that the humidifier comes in two varieties, with both Original and Seafood options available.

The Cup Noodle Humidifiers will be included as a free add-on to a special Cup Noodle 50th Anniversary Book published by Japanese publishing company Takarajimasha, in the same way the pouches were sold earlier this year.

The magazine-style book will retail for 2,189 yen (US$19.40) each, and be sold at 7-Eleven stores and online from 2 December, followed by other bookstores and retailers from 13 December. A number of online retail sites are currently accepting preorders so be sure to get your order in so you don’t miss out on this very special 50th anniversary item!

Source: Takarajimasha via Otakomu
Featured image: Takarajimasha
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: Takarajimasha (1, 2)
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