This talking rescue cat mysteriously started replying to its owner one day.

One of the hardest things a cat owner can do is train their feline to do…well, anything really.

So when Twitter user Ojibi (@auagd100) shared a video of his rescue cat responding to vocal prompts to speak in Japanese, feline lovers around the country sat up, clenched their fists beneath their chins in delight and blinked their eyes wide open, perking their ears up for a listen.

▼ Ojibi says Karin began returning his greeting of “good morning“, “ohayo” in Japanese, after three months of him saying it to her.

There’s no overstating the cat’s vocal abilities here, as the black tabbby can be heard saying “ohayo” with the clear enunciation of an experienced language student. And to prove this wasn’t a one-off coincidence, there’s another video showing the same greeting between human and cat the previous day.

Like all language students, it’s been a long and winding road for the clever cat to get to this point of excellence in her speaking abilities. One year after the kitten came into Ojibi’s life, she showed a glimmer of genius even at the very early stages of trying to communicate with the humans in her life.

Needless to say, black tabby Karin has wowed everyone with her polite morning greeting, and people have been leaving adoring comments like:

“This is super adorable!”
“Your cat has evolved!”
“Amazing! You can hear it saying ‘ohayo’ perfectly!”
“So impressed by the pronunciation!”
“It’ll have to learn words like ‘goodnight’ and ‘dinner’ next!”
“If I had a cat like this I’d jump out of bed to talk to it every morning!”

Karin has certainly charmed the world with her speaking talent, and while she’s brought a lot of joy into people’s lives, her doting human “papa” remains the apple of her eye.

Given that she’s still a young kitty, Karin will no doubt be refining her speaking abilities in future, and maybe even adding some more new words to her vocabulary. And if she ever meets up with this fluffy feline, who also knows how to say “good morning” in Japanese, there’ll be no stopping the morning greetings!

Source: Twitter/@auagd100 via Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@auagd100
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