Man says he got winning hand without even being in a duel.

One of the core characteristics of collectible trading card games is their random nature. Sure, you can stuff your deck with all sorts of cool monsters, spells, or traps, but you’re still at the mercy of the shuffled order in which you draw them during a match.

That tension and uncertainty is part of the appeal, though, and fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as the characters that appear in the franchise’s anime adaptation, like to wax poetic about “having faith in the heart of the cards,” the belief that game-changing cards will appear right when they need them most.

Of course, that’s all just silly superstition. There’s no such thing as a heart of the cards, and every draw is really a matter of mathematical probability…or that’s what we would have said before seeing these photos from Japanese Twitter user @KONBUmaster.

While doing some riverside construction work, @KONBUmaster noticed something floating towards him. It turned out to be a Yu-Gi-Oh! card, followed by a few others. Fishing them out of the water, he ended up with five cards, and not just any five cards either.

The cards turned out to be Exodia the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, and Left Arm of the Forbidden One. Even if you’ve never participated in so much as a single Yu-Gi-Oh! duel, you can probably guess that something special happens when you put that set together in your hand, and indeed it does: you win the match instantly, right then and there.

@KONBUmaster’s discovery quickly had fans thinking of the moment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime/manga when antagonist Weevil tosses main character Yugi’s assembled Exodia set off the deck of a ship.

However, Weevil threw the set into the ocean, not a river, so it appears that the cards @KONBUmaster discovered were not, in fact, Yugi’s. Looking at his photos, he seems to have also found a card sleeve with them, which makes sense as the five cards really only have in-game value when assembled as a set, so a player would want to store them together when not in use. With that in mind, it’s likely that someone either accidentally dropped the card holder into the river, or maybe that someone who’s gotten out of the game decided to say goodbye to them by reenacting Weevil’s toss. Or, maybe this really was just a real-world manifestation of the heart of the cards, and @KONBUmaster is destined to become the greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist of all time.

Source: Twitter/@KONBUmaster via Otakomu
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Insert images: Twitter/@KONBUmaster
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