Starbucks is offering a delicious array of sweets for you to have with your coffee or take home to share!

You probably know that Starbucks Japan makes delicious coffee and tea, but have you tried their food? They’ve got lots of delicious fare on the menu, and like their drinks, there are both staples and items that rotate based on the season.

As such, Starbucks has a special “Seasonal Recommendations” menu so that you can best take advantage of their ever-rotating menu. For the winter 2022 season, they’ve got a tasty-looking array of cakes, sandwiches, and cookies that look hard to resist, starting with the Houjicha & Caramel Mousse Cake (495 yen/US$4.28 per slice). In this decadent dish, a roasted green tea-flavored cake is basted with bittersweet caramel and topped with a layer each of roasted green tea mousse, caramel milk mousse, and whipped cream. If you love the flavor of houjicha, then you’ll probably die over this cake!

If you prefer matcha over houjicha, then you might like their Choux Cup Matcha Cream & White Choco-Nuts (355 yen). This cup comes with six total cookie cream puffs, three each of two flavors: Matcha and White Choco-Nuts. The Matcha cookie cream puffs have a matcha-flavored choux pastry topped with a matcha cookie and filled with a matcha white chocolate cream filling.

The White Choco-Nuts cream puffs are made with an almond-praline choux, filled with an almond praline white chocolate cream, and topped with a cookie that has diced almonds in it. Sounds delicious! The cup is only sold at certain restaurants, though, so if you want to try these specifically, make sure you check the website before you go out in search of them.

The Apple & Berry Pound Cake (385 yen) might be a great option if you’re looking for something a little lighter to go with your drink. Made from a batter mixed with cream cheese, apple preserves, and dried cranberries, then baked and iced with a frosting made from cream cheese and cream, this moist pound cake is sure to be the perfect complement to a nice hot cup of coffee.

For something with a little more of a crunch, there’s the Crispy Strawberry Churro (300 yen). It’s made crunchy and delicious with a strawberry-flavored coating and chocolate sprinkles for an extra dazzle of color. They look scrumptious. These are also limited by cafe location, so make sure to check if your local store has them.

Starbucks Japan is also offering a Japanese-style sweet this winter: the An Butter Sandwich (300 yen). This is a soft, fluffy roll sliced and filled with a mixture of koshian (smooth red bean paste) and tsubuan (coarse red bean paste), and, of course, butter. The fragrance of the roll, combined with the sweetness of red bean paste and the richness of butter, make it an unexpectedly luxurious combination.

Two savory sandwich options are available if you want something for lunch: the Tuna & Green Sandwich (545 yen) and the Chicken & Green Sandwich (545 yen). The tuna salad is made with green beans, onions, and black olives, dressed with mustard and mayo, and topped with green leaf lettuce and red onions, all on fluffy bread.

The chicken salad is made of sliced and steamed chicken dressed in a rich sauce of soy sauce, eggs, onion, vinegar, carrot puree, garlic paste, sesame seeds. Served on fluffy bread together with a carrot salad, purple cabbage, and green leaf lettuce, this sandwich is sure to be a delicious lunch.

Cookie fans will probably like the Milk Cream Cookie Sandwich (225 yen). With a smooth, creamy, sweet milk cream filling sandwiched between two crunchy cookies, you can’t go wrong with this as a tea-time treat.

If you’re looking for something to bring back to the office to share, Starbucks is also offering the 4-type Cookie Assortment Box (1,800 yen), the Starbucks Cheesecake (2,950 yen), and the Starbucks Chocolate Cake (2,950 yen). The assorted cookie box comes with butter cookies, matcha cookies, chocolate macarons, and mixed berry ball cookies all in a sleek Satrbucks tin, great for sharing with friends or giving as a gift.

The two cakes are available on the Starbucks Online Store only but look absolutely delectable, with their smooth and rich filling over a crunchy biscuit base. If you’re hosting tea at home, you’ll impress your guests with either of these two options!

Check out these items at a Starbucks near you (or online in the case of the cheesecake and chocolate cake), but they’ll only be around for a limited time, so don’t wait if you want to try them! And while you’re there, don’t forget to try one of their winter frappuccinos, the Houjicha meets Caramel Cream Frappuccino. Houjicha fans have much to enjoy at Starbucks this year!

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