We try an elusive green tea cake made with marshmallows.

Starbucks Japan is known as the place to go for cute drinkware and seasonal Frappuccinos, but lately the chain has been branching out with some surprises on the cake menu as well.

▼ The chain’s latest surprise is the Matcha & Coffee Cream Pop, which is only available at select locations.

We’d never seen anything this cute in the cakes section at Starbucks before, so as soon as we laid eyes on this unusual cake pop, we didn’t need any convincing to purchase one for 319 yen (US$2.81). Its small and compact size, shown here next to a Pasmo transport card for scale, made it the perfect accompaniment to our afternoon coffee.

Lifting the entire morsel to our taste buds, we felt an intoxicating sense of decadence, as if we were eating a big slice of cake with our hands. We didn’t have to worry about getting our fingers dirty, though, thanks to the stick firmly prodded inside of it.

Our first bite delivered a delightful crunch through the matcha chocolate casing, which gave way to a light and fluffy matcha cake interior, finished off with layers of coffee cream. The texture of the cake was a true standout, as the matcha dough is baked with a guimauve (marshmallow) base mixed into it, giving it a spongy-soft lightness.

The height of the cake gave each bite a satisfyingly full mouthfeel, while the individual components blended together harmoniously to create a coffee-to-matcha ratio that was simply perfect. Despite its small size, it delivered bagfuls of flavour, making our afternoon coffee one to remember.

The Matcha & Coffee Cream Pop is only available for a limited time and at select locations, so if you find it in the display case, be sure to give it a try. And if you’re looking for more elusive Starbucks items, you can always hunt down the Joyful Medley drinks, which are only available at two locations in all of Japan!

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