Super stylish nods to a popular anime make this a highly sought after collection!

Samantha Vega is a top fashion brand in Japan, partly because they do awesome collaborations with some of our favorite franchises, like Pokémon and Sailor Moon. In fact, they’ve just released a new line featuring designs inspired by the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

In celebration of the anime’s long-awaited second season, which is currently airing, Samantha Vega has just come out with purses, wallets, and keychain charms based on characters from the series. The individual pieces for each accessory category retail for the same prices, 19,800 yen (US$134.65) for the bags, 15,400 yen for the wallets, and 4,950 yen for the charms, and have color-schemes and decorations to match specific characters. The charms also feature motifs that represent each one’s personality or ability.

For example, the shoulder bag for main character Yuji Itadori is black and orange, and both the inside…

…and the outside are decorated to look like his signature powerful move, Black Flash.

The wallet is a similar black design with an orange zipper, and the charm also represents his most powerful attack.

The set representing Yuji’s classmate Megumi Fushiguro is colored black and emerald green. The wallet and bag are embossed with his special hand symbol, which is also the design of the charm.

The interior of the bag, which is a larger handbag style, features a pattern of Jujutsu High’s emblem, Megumi’s Shikigami spirit familiars, and his hand symbol.

The third set is based on another Jujutsu High student, Nobara Kugisaki, whose representative color is red. The heart-shaped handbag and matching wallet in this set come in a sophisticated navy blue color, each with an embossed rose on the front. To represent her signature attack, the Straw Doll Technique, the zipper pull is made of little nails…

…and the interior of the bag is patterned with roses, nails, and hammers. The charm is also a dangling rendition of the hammer and nails she uses in her technique.

Second year student Maki Zen’in’s set comes in dark gray and pink, and the bag, which is a larger handbag, has a pair of pink glasses on the front like the ones she wears in the anime. The wallet is decorated with her favorite weapon, a magical saber, which is the emblem represented on her charm as well.

The interior of the bag is a black and pink pattern of glasses, sabers, and the school symbol.

Her classmate Toge Inumaki has a set colored in off-white, black, and green. The handbag is decorated with the symbols around his lips, denoting the cursed power in his voice, as well as the school symbol.

The charm also has the same motifs, with the addition of a dangling rice ball, since he can only speak in rice ball ingredients when not fighting.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly for some fans, Satoru Gojo, the first years’ teacher, has his own set that’s black and sky blue to represent his blue hair. As decoration, the bag has an emblem with the characters for “Unlimited Void”, one his most powerful moves.

That’s also printed inside the bag, along with the school emblem and the mask he wears over his eyes.

His charm also shows his signature hand symbol, as well as the characters for “Unlimited Void”.

Also on the roster, but not sold as part of a three-part collection, is a bag dedicated to Panda, which is an awesome 3-D panda head. The pupils of Panda’s eyes are made of rhinestone gems, and the side of the bag has an yellow I♡Panda sticking out to add some more flair to the design. This bag sells for 22,000 yen.

You can find these products at Samantha Vega stores across Japan as well as online on Samantha Vega’s online shop. If you’re a Jujutsu Kaisen fan looking for some stylish, subtle swag to rep, definitely check them out! These would even be appropriate to carry to work, especially if used alongside your Jujutsu Kaisen hanko stamp.

Source: PR Times via Nijimen,
Images: PR Times

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