A look at the anime and manga character costumes that earn Enako millions of yen.

We’ve seen a lot of room tours on YouTube, but it’s not every day we get to see a cosplay costume room tour, let alone one by Japan’s most lauded and well-known cosplayer, Enako.

The 27-year-old draws huge crowds at events and earns a whopping income through cosplaying, which is said to be close to half a million US dollars a year. So what does her cosplay collection look like? Well, for starters, it’s huge, taking up a whole room and then some.

Then, it’s all neatly arranged into boxes for easy retrieval, and inside those boxes lies a whole treasure trove of pro-quality costumes that bring to life some of the country’s best known anime and manga characters.

▼ Enako’s Rem cosplay at Summer Comiket 2019 was a personal costume that got so much attention it led to her becoming an official Re:Zero cosplayer.

Previously, Enako gave us a sneak peek into her costume room when she appeared on the Business Drive YouTube channel in January. During that appearance, she told viewers there was a back room for wigs and big props like swords but she kept that under wraps for her own room tour video, which was posted to her official YouTube channel this week.

In the room tour, Enako brings out some of her most impressive costumes and props, including an elaborately designed mermaid tail for Shirahoshi from One Piece. While the video doesn’t have English subtitles, you can auto-generate a translation by clicking on the gear icon in the play bar.

▼ Check out Enako’s cosplay costume room tour below.

Some of the highlights from the video include that giant mermaid tail, which has a slit in the back that allows her to walk with it, and her Dark Magician Girl accessories, which Enako says she would like to decorate, but can’t for fear they might get broken.

She also reveals some other gems, like her system for storing her 200-plus wigs, which are individually zipped up in clear folders from the 100-yen shop and placed in bookshelves.

Enako’s Zinogre Long Sword from Monster Hunter is a thing of beauty, although she says she hasn’t been able to step out with yet, as she’s been busy with work cosplays and this is one of her personal cosplay accessories.

It’s nice to see that despite her fame and ever-growing income, the professional cosplayer still indulges her passion for cosplaying as her favourite characters. And with fans expressing a desire to see more hidden gems from her cosplay costume room, we might get to see more of her favourite outfits in future videos — if she can find the time to squeeze it into her busy schedule of gravure photo shoots and raunchy photo collections.

Source: YouTube/えなこ via Otakomu
Images: YouTube/えなこ

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