An elusive player brings in the chips when the chips are down.   

Every year, Starbucks fans get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an exclusive limited-edition Frappuccino. This year, it was all about nama chocolate, with triple helpings of chocolate ganache delivering a very decadent experience.

▼ The Triple Nama-Chocolate Frappuccino.

The limited-edition Frappuccino, which tasted as good as it looked, was set to be on sale until 14 February, but it proved to be so popular that some Starbucks branches have already sold out.

However, here to save the day for those broken-hearted souls who missed out on the beverage is a substitute player called the Double Chocolate Frappuccino, which retails for 640 yen (US$5.55), the same price as the sold-out beverage.

While it may not look as decadent as the official Valentine’s Day Frappuccino, it’s got the allure of being a rare beverage that’s only sold at stores where the main players have sold out. Plus, it’s available in a hot coffee-containing latte version as well, for those customers who prefer their Valentine’s Day drinks with a bit of warmth.

Our resident Starbucks expert K. Masami was keen to try the Double Chocolate Frappuccino to see if it would be a poor man’s version of the original drink, but she was surprised to find it had some impressive stats of its own.

For starters, it looked great, and it was very chocolatey, with the whipped cream topping slathered in lashings of dark chocolate and white chocolate sauce, although the white chocolate blended in with the cream, making it a little difficult to see.

The Frappuccino was built around a milky base containing a blend of white mocha sauce and chocolate chips, which created delightful crunchy bursts throughout.

▼ When the chips are down, it’s time to bring on the chocolate chips.

It wasn’t as smooth as the Triple Nama-Chocolate Frappuccino, but its rugged texture was part of its charm.

Mixing the topping into the body of the drink gave it a creamy chocolate flavour that was addictive, and the aftertaste was satisfyingly light and refreshing.

This is a great Frappuccino in its own right, making it a great substitute at stores where the Valentine’s Day Frappuccino has sold out. It’s also a Frappuccino that would pair perfectly with coffee, so Masami recommends adding an espresso shot to the mix for an extra 55 yen.

With the Valentine’s Day Frappuccino selling out so quickly, Masami has her fingers crossed that Starbucks will be better prepared for the springtime lovers, who’ll be lining up for the new Sakura Frappuccino from 15 February.

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