Coca Cola releases new Mt Fuji bottles in Japan

Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa gets a new look for this souvenir coke bottle design. 

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That time we let Coca-Cola bottles predict our fortunes for the new year

Limited-time campaign comes complete with cute AR bunnies for the Year of the Rabbit.

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Pringles can drink bottles on sale at Japanese bookstores and convenience stores

Once you pop, you can’t stop…pouring hot drinks.

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Don’t throw away those old water bottles — use them for cooking instead!

Short on cookware or want to minimize clean-up time after dinner? Skip the recycling center and use your old bottles to whip up something good!

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New line of anime panties slip off the animated characters on onto cold drink bottles 【Photos】

Because the cast of Prison School would just hate for things to get all wet and dirty.

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An architect figured out a brilliant way to reuse thousands of empty beer bottles

Next time you’re about to dump beer bottles in the recycling bin, consider that they could be used to make a house instead.

Armed with $11,000 and 8,500 discarded beer bottles, Chinese architect Li Rongjun spent over four months using bottles to build the second floor of his two-story house in Chongqing, China, according to Chinese media.

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