A fashionable way to relive the good old Showa days.

When you see a Japanese elementary school student — whether it’s in person, in a photo, or in a video — they’re more than likely sporting a boxy, leather randoseru backpack.

These ultra-durable bags, which became widespread in Japan’s bubble economy, are meant to last the full six years of a Japanese child’s elementary school career.

Because of those six years of bonding with their backpack, there are undoubtedly many adults who feel a sense of nostalgia when they see today’s schoolchildren walking around with a randoseru on.

▼ Although old-fashioned randoseru look a little different than modern ones.
Grandpa’s on the left is smaller than the usual ones today.

But that randoseru on the left is no ordinary one: it was found in a sake brewery in 2010. The finder’s grandfather had used the schoolbag in the 1930s, around the beginning of Japan’s Showa era (1926 to 1989). It was aptly dubbed “Grandpa’s Randoseru,” and was displayed at popular randoseru bag maker Ikedaya’s shops throughout Japan in 2018.

And now anyone can own a “Grandpa’s Randoseru” of their very own, thanks to the small leather Randoseru Classica.

Crafted by a leather designer in Japan’s Kobe prefecture, the Classica is a cute mini backpack made to look like Grandpa’s Randoseru that adults can wear.

▼ And it looks pretty darn stylish!

It has long adjustable leather straps, classic randoseru stitching, and a sturdy zipper at the top of the bag for easy access to your belongings.

Whereas a classic randoseru bag doesn’t have much in the way of pockets, however, this Randoseru Classica has been upgraded with more convenient storage.

▼ So many classic details, you might find yourself worrying
that you forgot your homework at home.

The Randoseru Classica is available for 33,000 yen (US$301) at Ikedaya’s online shop and stores throughout Japan. It’s a bit cheaper than a normal-sized randoseru, and since it’s being sold by a true randoseru brand, there’s no doubt that it will last years even if you treat it like a not-so-graceful elementary schooler.

▼ It’s available in four colors: camel, red, navy, and black.

Whether you want a stylish Japanese accessory, want to reminisce those carefree elementary school days, or just want a really sturdy bag, you’ll find it in the Classica. It even looks great on gorillas.

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Images: PR Times
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