Anya needs someone to take care of her, and how could anyone say no?

It’s genuinely impressive that the original Tamagotchi managed to become such a hit. Though the idea was essentially untested at the time, fans quickly formed bonds with their virtual pets, despite having never seen them before they appeared on the pixely screen.

Fast forward to the present day, when virtual pets of various types have become part of the electronic entertainment landscape, and the appeal isn’t hard to see anymore. But that appeal is even more apparent when the Tamagotchi concept is applied to a character that fans already know, adore, and want to take care of, which is exactly what’s happening with the Spy x Family Tamagotchi.

The plot of the Spy x Family anime/manga revolves around a trio of characters posing as a family, each keeping aspects of their true identities secret from the others. But while secretly-a-spy Loid and secretly-an-assassin Yor each have a compelling character arc, pretty much anytime precocious six-year-old-psychic Anya shows up, she immediately steals the show, and so she alone is the star of the Tamagotchi collaboration.

As Anya’s caretaker, you’ll watch over her as she enrolls in the prestigious Eden Academy. Your parental duties will include making sure she has both a sound body and mind, so make sure to play dodgeball and word-match mini games with her. You’re also responsible for taking care of her nutritional needs, and if she gets hungry between meals you can give her some peanuts, her favorite snack, to munch on.

▼ If you want the full-on peanut pancakes, though, you’re going to have to go to the Spy x Family Cafe in Tokyo.

Depending on how things progress, Anya will don one of more than a dozen outfits, including her Eden school uniform, fancy party attire, and even witch and detective costumes.

▼ A few clothing sets are being kept secret, so there’s still a chance that one is a Uniqlo Spy x Family T-shirt.

Anya’s mood is also reflected in her facial expressions, and don’t worry, her fan-favorite unnerving smile is accounted for.

One thing you don’t want to see, though, is Anya being weighed down by the dark vertical lines of anime depression. It seems her mind-reading powers can’t transcend the border between the Tamagotchi and human worlds, and if she comes to feel neglected and unloved, she’ll run away from home (ostensibly since having her die, like a normal, animal/pet-style Tamagotchi, would be too grim).

▼ The 2,530-yen (US$19.90) Spy x Family Tamagotchi comes in two colors, Anyacchi Pink and Spy Green, but it’s Anya inside both.

The familial themes of Spy x Family make the Anya Tamagotchi arguably more of a virtual child than a virtual pet. Since it goes on sale December 17, though, you’ve still got some time to mentally prepare yourself for being a virtual parent.

Source: Bandai via IT Media
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