Non-food-based monster brooches also let you show your love for the Capcom video game series.

The key gameplay mechanic of the Monster Hunter video game series is that after you hunt the titular monsters, you can use their body parts to craft sharper swords, heavier axes, and stouter armor.

Or you can just eat them.

Among the item drops players can get are pieces of raw meat, rendered in the mouthwatering hunk-of-meat-with-a-bone-through-the-middle style. Now, Monster Hunter meat is making its way to the real world, in the form of officially licensed multipurpose meat pillows.

Capcom, developer/publisher of the Monster Hunter series, says these meat cushions “can be used in a variety of situations,” and aside from laying your head on them suggests using them as huggy pillows, lap pillows, and even leg rests.

As veteran Monster Hunters know, though, the raw meat item isn’t usable as-is. You have to cook it over an open fire to unlock its stamina-restoring properties. Unfortunately, Capcom is adamant that the raw meat cushion is “not for actual cooking,” but thankfully they also offer a solution with a cooked meat pillow.

The cooked meat pillow is the same size as the raw one, with a length of 89 centimeters (35 inches), but with a deliciously browned appearance.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in the still-living creatures of the Monster World series, there’s also a new line of pin brooches. For pseudo-cat and pseudo-dog lovers, respectively, Capcom has crafted Palico Felyne and Palamute Canyne pins, both decked out in the Kamura gear sets worn by Monster Hunter Rise companions.

Or, if you’re looking to show your respect to mighty monster foes, the Magnamalo and Mizutsune brooches are just the thing.

The Palico and Palamute accessories are priced at 1,980 yen (US$14.75) each, the Magnamalo and Mizutsune designs at 3,080, and the multi-purpose meat cushions at 16,280 yen. All can be ordered through the Character Base Okita, E-Capcom, or 7net online stores.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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