melon bread

We try the free muscle bread distributed by macho dudes at a one-day, pop-up event in Tokyo

This may be the only time in known human history when a six-pack was achieved using carbs.

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Legendary Melon Bread by Tokyo Banana returns after 20-year absence【Taste Test】

It has awakened.

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Let’s try all the melon bread types sold by Japanese convenience store Family Mart【Taste test】

One of Japan’s favorite simple sweet treats has more variety than you might expect.

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In search of Japan’s largest melon bread with Mr. Sato

Join us as we hunt the monsters of the Japanese bakery scene.

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Japan’s new Melon Pan slices: Simply pop them on bread and heat and eat

Making Japanese melon bread at home is now easier than ever before!

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Calling all fans of anpan! You can try 20 kinds of anpan at this specialty shop in Asakusa

We wish that our two favorites were sold in more places, too.

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We try “Melon Bread Style Toast Spread”, designed to turn sliced bread into melon bread

But does it live up to our melon bread-loving expectations?

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What kind of magic happens when you put Japanese combini pastries into a hot sandwich maker?

Melon bread and more goes into the hot sandwich maker for our kashipan taste-test experiment.

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New spreadable melon pan changes the way we eat toast in Japan

Making melon bread, and curry bread, just got a whole lot easier. 

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Japan creates world’s first edible face mask…from melon bread

Protect yourself from the virus while breathing in the sweet aroma of Japanese melon pan.

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Evangelion in the kitchen! Fan chef bakes Fourth Angel core pastries with cute crimson cores【Pics】

We can see why Unit-01 would want to eat these.

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What’s the difference between Hong Kong pineapple bun and Japanese melon bread?

P.K. Sanjun gets schooled on all that is good and carbs. 

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Melon bread showdown! Which Japanese convenience store melon pan is the one for you?【Taste test】

Comparing the big three Japanese convenience stores’ versions of the country’s number-one sweet bread.

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Melon bread: everyone’s favorite Japanese snack is actually one of the worst things you can eat

If you’re munching on some melon bread right now, you may want to put that thing down.

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Bread lovers rejoice! Toasty bread backpacks, cushions, and footwear look good enough to eat

How much do you love bread? Would you cuddle with it? Wear it on your back? Use it to carry your books home from school?

Well now thanks to Village Vanguard, the popular Japanese supplier of crazy and unique items, you can do all of these things! They will be releasing a series of bread-themed items to help you get your balanced breakfast on your way to school or work.

Ready to be the toast of the town with an egg-cellent new backpack? Read on to find out how to get in on a slice of the action!

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Sweet frog hat-wearing pup is a totally edible yuru-kyara available from one place in Japan only

Yuru-kyara, or regional promotional mascots, are so ubiquitous in Japan it can sometimes be hard to recall which one’s which, where they’re from, or even what type of brand or product they’re promoting.

Over 1,000 mascots represent different regions in Japan, which means the need to leave a lasting impression is a constant driving force in the creation of cute products like the sweet puppy above. Can you guess which region he represents and the even more unusual place where he can be found?

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The double-cheese-mayonnaise-melon-bread is a mouthful in more ways than one

When the humbly named “World’s Second-Most Delicious Ice Cream Melon Bread” bakery in Kanazawa blessed the world with its ice cream-filled melon bread this past year, it was a massive hit. The creamy fusion was so popular that its makers opened up another shop in Shibuya in July so that even more people could fall in love with the creamy lumps of guilty goodness.

If you thought the bakery was satisfied with giving customers just one new way to enjoy melon bread, though, think again. They’ve recently put out a new, more mysterious item dubbed the double-cheese-mayonnaise-melon-bread.

What on earth could it possibly taste like? And what does its absurdly long name even mean? We went to find out for ourselves.

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Curry and melon bread! Together…at last? Anyway, Yamazaki’s new curry melon bread is here

We’ve talked before about melon bread, one of Japan’s most tempting baked goods that doesn’t really taste anything like the fruit it takes half its name from. But as delicious as the sugar-dusted outer layer is, the inside isn’t anything more than plain old bread, which is why some bakeries add fillings like custard or even ice cream.

One bakery, though, has decided to spice things up literally by filling its melon bread with curry.

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Less is more as bakery starts selling bags of delicious melon bread crusts minus the bread

It hasn’t made its way to the same level of international culinary stardom as sushi and ramen, but I don’t think I’ve ever introduced a foreign visitor to Japan to melon bread who didn’t fall in love with it. Despite containing no actual melon (the name is thought to come from the pattern scored into the bread’s upper crust), the Japanese bakery mainstay is a definite winner thanks to its sugar-dusted, crisp outer layer. Melon bread delivers just enough flavor and crunch to satisfy your craving for something sweet and stimulating, while at the same time hiding its one undeniable weakness.

The center is just plain white bread.

Bakery Yamazaki Pan seems to have accepted the treat’s shortcoming, and has responded in a temptingly logical way: selling bags of just the crust.

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Awesome melon bread with ice cream comes to Shibuya, so we do too!

Last spring, we spent an afternoon drooling over photos from a bakery in the city of Kanazawa that came up with the ingenious idea of combining melon bread with ice cream. Unfortunately, the four-and-a-half hour train journey from Tokyo to Ishikawa kept us from picking up some samples of the tasty-looking treats.

But now our dairy-based prayers have been answered, as the same bakery has opened a new location in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. Since that’s just three stops away from the RocketNews24 offices in Shinjuku, as soon as we found out about the new branch, we were on the next train.

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