Anya takes center stage, but the newest member of the Forger household is represented too.

Last spring Spy x Family started off, as most anime TV series do these days, with an initial run of 13 episodes. It was an immediate hit, and the wait for more was mercifully short, with the currently airing Season 2 premiering this month.

And there’s even more for fans of the franchise to be happy about, as Uniqlo is matching the anime’s pace with a new lineup of Spy x Family T-shirts.

Starting things off is a shirt that combines a reference to adorable esper Anya Forger’s food preferences with the color of her favorite snack, and also gives us a sample of her wide range of facial expressions.

▼ There’s even a little peanut accent on the back.

Joining the cast in Season 2 is Bond, the Forger family dog who can see into the future. That’s a secret to everyone except Anya, though, and she and Bond also share a special bond thanks to the canine saving both her and her adoptive father’s life, so it makes sense to pair them together on this design.

Bond also appears solo on one of Uniqlo’s new shirts, which sports the Spy x Family series logo on the back.

Rounding out the new adult-size lineup is this artistically abstract rendition of Anya, Yor, and Loid, framed inside the retro-tech TV from the family’s living room.

▼ With nothing on the back, it’s a surprisingly upfront design for the subterfuge-steeped series.

And since Spy x Family is a family-focused series, Uniqlo also has three kid-size shirts. Two of them are variants of adult-size designs, but with different fabric colors…

…while the third, with Loid, Yor, Anya, and Bond, is for kids only.

▼ Surprisingly, it’s the most serious-looking design of the bunch.

The adult shirts are priced at 1,500 yen (US$10) and the kid-sizes 990 yen at Uniqlo stores in Japan and through the chain’s online shop here.

▼ There’s even a special Spy x Family box, while supplies last, for online orders.

The shirts go on sale November 11, so be careful not to drip any peanut butter hamburger sauce on them if you’re wearing one to go eat at the Ostania Berlint Burger King branch that just opened up.

Source, images: Uniqlo
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