Fancy adventure series and fancy chocolates come together and give you the chance to eat the series’ cast and artifacts.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the fanciest action anime/manga series. Fabulous fashions and flamboyant poses are all the order of the day for the myriad Jo-named members of original protagonist Jonathan Joestar’s extended family and their assorted supernaturally powered friends and foes.

So naturally when the JoJo franchise teams up with a chocolatier, it teams up with a fancy one, which is why JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Godiva chocolates are on the way.

Like with many long-running series, the JoJo narrative is broken up into arcs, but Godiva Japan has made sure that all six arcs of the mainline continuity are represented.

Phantom Blood: Jonathan Joestar (a dark chocolate with dark chocolate filling) and the Stone Mask (white chocolate)

Battle Tendency: Joseph Joestar (cherry filling) and the Red Stone of Aja (colored white chocolate)

Stardust Crusaders: Jotaro Kujo (coffee filling) and his hand emblem (blood orange-flavored white chocolate)

Diamond is Unbreakable: Josuke Higashikata (custard filling) and his anchor emblem (lemon-flavored white chocolate)

Golden Wind: Giorno Giovanna (caramel filling) and his ladybug emblem (white chocolate)

Stone Ocean: Jolyne Cujoh (milk chocolate filling) and her butterfly emblem (murasaki imo purple sweet potato-flavored white chocolate)

The compete pack of all 12 is priced at 4,320 yen (US$29) at Godiva Japan specialty stores, but there’s also a six-piece box with just the character portrait chocolates for 1,620 yen.

There’s also an even more affordable option that will be available at convenience stores in the form of a box of thinner portrait chocolates, without fillings, for 864 yen.

▼ The convenience store-version’s box also has a slightly different art design, completionist collectors will note.

The team-up is a joint celebration of the 50th anniversary of Godiva Japan and the 10th of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime TV series. The chocolates go on sale November 1 and are scheduled to be available until January 5, though supplies are likely to run out before then.

Source: PR Times via Otakomu
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Godiva, PR Times
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