They come in two sizes and look stylish as well as functional. 

Studio Ghibli’s 1988 anime feature film My Neighbor Totoro will always be a classic for many of us, and for those who are die-hard fans, there are so many goods to collect, it’s hard to keep up! In fact, here are two more brand new items to set your sights on: a pair of limited-edition My Neighbor Totoro tote bags! (Or should we say “Tote-toro bags”?)

These bags are made by fashion brand Anofuku, which prides itself on its handsewn products, and Familiar, a high-quality baby and children’s clothing shop. They have combined forces to create a clothing and accessory brand called “Studio Ghibli no Anofuku”, which was originally produced in conjunction with the opening of the “Ghibli Expo ~Nausicaa to Marnie~” exhibition at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe in 2018.

They have been producing beautiful hand-made fashion items ever since. These bags are actually the third release from Studio Ghibli no Anofuku’s bag line; previous collections included designs from Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo (these are currently sold out or out of production).

▼ Previous bags

They’re made of 100-percent cotton, except for the synthetic leather bottom, and of course, in keeping with Ghibli no Anofuku’s style, have been entirely handsewn, including the design patches, which feature Totoro,Satsuki, and Mei all sitting together on a high-up tree branch, surrounded by clouds. The exterior of the bag is a nice, neutral denim-blue color with an off-white bottom, while the inside is a very sophisticated-looking red, black, and gray plaid.

The bags come in two sizes: a slip bag that’s 32 by 43 centimeters (12.6 by 16.9 inches) for 19,800 yen (US$182.01), and a tote with a flat bottom that’s 27 by 35 by 4 centimeters (10.6 by 13.8 by 1.6 inches) for 16,500 yen. They were released on March 16 on Familiar’s online shop, but due to the characters’ undeniable popularity, both bags are already sold out. Familiar promises that any order cancellations will result in the products being returned to in-stock that same day, so keep checking the site if you want one!

Otherwise, popular handbag maker LeSportSac just came out with a My Neighbor Totoro collection and the official Ghibli store Donguri Kyowakoku always has a good stock of Totoro goods, so don’t worry; you can always get your Totoro fix from somewhere!

Source: PR Times, Familiar
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: PR Times
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