The pawssibilities are endless.

What’s better than pancakes? Pancakes shaped like pawprints, of course. When our Japanese-language reporter Natsuki Gojo laid eyes on the Happy Nikkyuu Cake Maker–or the Happy Pawcake Maker, as we’ve nicknamed it–she knew she had to try it out.

▼ Luckily, she was able to borrow it and test out a few recipes.

The Happy Pawcake Maker is roughly the size of one waffle, and inside are four pawprint-shaped molds. It looks cute even without anything in it!

▼ It isn’t modeled specifically after a cat or dog, so both cat lovers and dog lovers can enjoy it.

Natsuki made her first pawprint-shaped creation with pancake mix. All she had to do was put together the pancake mix, plug it in to start the heating process, and then pour in the batter.

▼ After two minutes, she flipped over each pawprint cake. So cute!

She tried making the pawcakes in multiple ways, but she found it looked most adorable when she filled the molds right up to the brim so there was a bit of a crust on each cake.

▼ Pop it on top of some ice cream and you have an extra-special dessert.

First test of the Happy Pawcake Maker: successful! Next, Natsuki tried cooking gyoza in it. She found some gyoza that were roughly the same size as the molds. She coated each mold in oil, added a splash of water to help them steam, and let them cook away.

Natsuki thought they came out quite crisp in texture. They didn’t brown as much as if they were cooked in a frying pan, but they were cooked to an edible level.

▼ The pawprint gyoza are pictured on top, and frying pan gyoza are on the bottom.

If you’re a fan of crisp gyoza, you’ll love the Happy Pawcake Maker ones. If juicy dumplings are more your style, Natsuki thinks you’re better off frying them up in a regular frying pan. Now on to the third and final recipe: mochi waffles–or moffles, if you will.

▼ It only requires one ingredient: mochi.

Natsuki tested this out in different sizes, but she warns that you’re just fine with a smaller cut of mochi. After cooking them until they puffed up, they turned out quite charming!

▼ They’re great to snack on, or you can top off your miso soup with them.

If you’re as enchanted by pawprint-shaped things as Natsuki is, you’ll love this versatile Happy Pawcake Maker. Want to take it a step further? Consider branding them with pawprint stamps.

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