The combini hero we need and deserve.

“Stamina Man” sounds like it should be the name of a superhero, whose tireless tenacity in fighting against evil is his defining characteristic. Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart’s new Staminaman, being all one word, is something different, but no less amazing-sounding and deeply reassuring to know it’s there when we need it.

The “man” part of Staminaman refers to a steamed bun, just like it does with nikuman, the meat buns that are perennial convenience store favorites in Japan. For its filling, the Staminaman takes inspiration from stamina-don, or “stamina bowls,” a type of rice bowl featuring pork, egg, and a powerfully delicious garlic soy sauce seasoning. The Sutaminaman takes those rice bowl toppings, but instead puts them inside a steamed bun.

▼ Family Mart’s Staminadon, and a stamina bowl above it

Making the Staminaman even more mouthwatering is the fact that it’s a joint project with Tokyo-based Densetsu no Sutadonya, one of Japan’s best-loved stamina bowl specialty chains. Swapping the rice for a soft, fluffy steamed bun makes it a great option for when you don’t have time for a full sit-down meal or when you’re on the go, since you can hold it in your hand as you eat it (or, if you’re feeling especially hungry and/or decadent, hold one in each hand).

The Staminaman is on sale at Family Mart branches across Japan for 185 yen (US$1.25), and we see a whole bunch of them in our near-future lunch plans.

Source: PR Times
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