Burger King Japan’s new Ninniku Garlic Burger does not live up to the hype

We want our money back.

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New Wendy’s chicken burger inspired by ramen contains…no ramen?

Burger achieves the impossible by tasting like ramen despite not containing any noodles.

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Family Mart’s new Staminaman is like a delicious stamina-don pork bowl in the palm of your hand

The combini hero we need and deserve.

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You put WHAT in your curry? Japanese netizens reveal their favourite secret ingredients

“Don’t knock it till you try it” comes to mind for some of these!

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Sukiya’s upcoming “Triple Garlic Mix” menu items are so pungent they come with a breath refresher

Only the brave will take on one of these super garlic dishes!

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Muji’s garlic sauce potato chips are perfectly pungent enough to warrant an investigation

Our reporter pulls out all the stops in an attempt the quantify the as-yet-unexperienced olfactory power of these chips. 

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New garlic cola from Japan’s garlic capital is as surprising as its name proclaims

Garlic flavored cola. Just let that sink in for a moment. Fizzy sweet cola with a pungent garlic taste. Yum? Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of weird food and drink come out of Japan, and as of January 9, there has been a new addition to that list.

Hailing from Aomori, the garlic capital of Japan, which has previously produced such delectables as garlic ice cream and garlic beer, “Jats Takkola,” is brought to us from the garlic center of the garlic capital of Japan, also known as “Garlic Town,” Sannohe Districts’ Takko Town.

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Aomori Garlic Black Beer: That great, people-repelling aftertaste of gyoza, now from a beverage!

All around Japan, various craft brews are sold each with their own unique twist on the widely-loved beverage. For beer connoisseurs, part of the fun of domestic traveling can be trying to unearth hidden brews scattered across the land.

For example, out of Aomori Prefecture, known as the garlic-producing leader of the nation, comes Aomori Garlic Black Beer. Our reporter, Mami, spotted some in the wild and decided to try it out. The combination of beer and garlic had potential, and Aomori certainly know their garlic. What could go possibly wrong?

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