Instead of making Cup Noodle itself your meal, you can make a gorgeous, delicious meal using Cup Noodle.

We usually think of instant ramen as a substitute for cooking, simple sustenance for those of us who lack the skill or energy to whip up anything more complex. But what if we told you that you can use Cup Noodles not just as a meal itself, but as the key ingredient in a dish that tastes amazing, looks cool, and hardly requires any cooking skill or hassle at all?

The clever idea for Cup Noodles Fried Rice comes to us from friend of the site Ken’s Outdoor Cooking, and requires just a few ingredients.

● Cup Noodles pack, flavor of your choice
● Water (100 milliliters [3.4 ounces])
● Cooked white rice (150 grams [5.3 ounces])
● Egg (one)
● Diced green onions
● Black pepper
● Sesame oil

Step 1: Open up your pack of Cup Noodles. Take out any flavor packets and dump everything else into a plastic bag, then crush the contents by hand (don’t crush the cup, though, because we’re going to need it later).

Step 2: Pour the crushed Cup Noodles contents into a frying pan. Add any flavor packets that came with the ramen plus the 100 milliliters of water.

Step 3: Cook on medium heat until the water is gone.

Step 4: Add the rice to the pan. Beat the egg and pour it onto the rice, followed by sesame oil to taste, and stir-fry at medium heat.

Step 5: Once everything is cooked, turn off the heat and add pepper to taste.

At this point, the Cup Noodle Fried Rice is ready to eat. As an added bonus, since we started with a Cup Noodle cup, we can scoop the finished fried rice back into the container, negating the need to carry another plate or bowl with us, which is a plus if you’re cooking and eating at a campsite or other outdoor away-from-home venue.

There’s one other option, though, if you do happen to have a separate plate to eat off of and you’re looking for some easy yet impactful presentation. Once you’ve got the fried rice back in the Cup Noodle cup, swiftly turn the cup upside-down over the plate.

Then, gently lift the cup up, and…

…you’ll have a stylish stout cylinder of instant ramen fried rice.

Sprinkle some diced green onion across the top for color, and it becomes something you could serve to friends and family at a party or potluck, a treat for the eyes and the taste buds that’s deceptively quick and inexpensive.

In terms of flavor, Cup Noodle Fried Rice gives you the broadly loved comfort-food deliciousness of Cup Noodle instant ramen, so it’d be hard to find someone who doesn’t think it tastes good.

For our batch, we used Cup Noodle’s tom yum goong flavor, which gave it a fiery southeast Asian flare. Ken himself says Seafood flavor is his personal recommendation, and we’re already looking forward to trying out a few others to find out which is our favorite fried rice base.

▼ Ken’s video demonstration

Oh, and if you’re looking for ideas for a post-Cup Noodle Fried Rice dessert, Ken’s got a great way to repurpose a sandwich press to make sweets right here.

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