Shoes for fans who love Luna and don’t like high heels also revealed.

Fans of Sailor Moon and foot fashion alike were dazzled earlier this month when the anime/manga franchise unveiled its latest creative collaboration, a collection of heels and boots from Jimmy Choo saluting each of the five Inner Sailor Senshi. It turns out that that was just the tip of the lunar iceberg, though, as the designers have also created footwear inspired by the Senshi’s mentor cat Luna, plus a massive array of extremely eye-catching Sailor Moon bags.

Starting at the bottom of your outfit, two different Luna shoe designs shimmer from their black/deep purple color, a more reflective version of the shade of Luna’s fur. Alternatively, there’s a pair of Luna boots, with her likeness near the ankle.

But if you really want people to know you’re a Luna fan, the way to let them know is with the Crystal Luna Minaudiere Clutch.

The crystal-studded bag has both shoulder and hand straps (the latter bridging the gap between the kitty’s ears). If it’s just too flashy for you, the Pearl Luna Minaudiere Clutch has a matte finish instead, and the Luna Card Case is also a stylishly low-key option.

Speaking of bags, in the earlier announcement of the Sailor Senshi shoes we got a stealthy sneak preview of a bag emblazoned with artwork from the Sailor Moon manga. It turns out that Jimmy Choo is producing individuals bags for each of the five Senshi that incorporate their personal image colors.

▼ The bags are officially called the Sailor Moon (or Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, or Venus) Varenne Quad XS.

The Varenne Quad XS also serves as the canvas for a romantic locking of the lips between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

…and the same artwork can also be had as a Varenne Tote, Varenne Tote S, or card holder.

And last, if you’re struggling with the dilemma of your heart not being able to forgive you if you don’t get a pair of Sailor Moon shoes, but your feet not forgiving you if you wear heels, there’s also a pair of manga art sneakers, in your choice of rainbow-pastel or black-and-white color schemes.

The lineup is being offered now at Jimmy Choo’s Omotensando and Isetan Shinjuku locations in Tokyo, with sales through the Jimmy Choo Japan online store scheduled to start soon.

Source: PR Times, Sailor Moon official website
Images: PR Times
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