According to staff in Japan, yes you can! 

It was a happy day when Starbucks Japan unleashed its first-ever Snoopy Frappuccino out into the world. However, after getting a first taste of it, our resident Starbucks expert K. Masami couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way to make it even more like Snoopy.

You see, the chain has chosen cookies and cream to be the main ingredients in this limited-edition beverage, which goes under the official title of Snoopy Vanilla Cream Frappuccino with Crushed Cookies. The ingredients have been selected not just for their black-and-white Snoopy-esque colour scheme, but for the fact that cookies and ice cream are said to be two of Snoopy’s favourite foods.

▼ Luckily for Masami, these are two things she loves too.

However, the one problem Masami has with the drink is that it closely resembles an already existing Frappuccino — the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino. And seeing as she’s been expanding her Starbucks expertise by exploring their customisations recently, she felt that the Snoopy Frappuccino deserved a little more pizazz to truly pay homage to such an iconic cartoon character.

So could she find a customisation that would make this Snoopy Frappuccino even more like Snoopy? Curious to find out, she brazenly asked the store clerk, saying, “Do you have any recommendations for a customisation that can enhance its Snoopy-ness?

The staff member smiled, as if they’d heard this question before, and said: “How about chocolate sauce and chocolate chips?

With the chocolate sauce being free, and the chocolate chips costing an additional 50 yen (US$0.38), Masami immediately agreed, and when she took a seat with the drink, she found it had a better balance between black-and-white components.

▼ Now this is a drink Snoopy would be proud of.

Masami remembered seeing Snoopy’s love of chocolate chip cookies expressed in a comic strip, so she felt better now that the drink contained actual chocolate chips to go with the dark cocoa cookie pieces in the Frappuccino.

Masami was concerned that the extra chocolate components might make the drink overly sweet, but after mixing the dark topping into the base of the drink, she found the cocoa cookies were surprisingly bittersweet, so the balance was actually perfect.

Every mouthful was creamy yet refreshing and the cocoa cookies were crunchy, creating a lovely textural contrast with the smooth milk. It was a good mix of flavours that actually tasted like chocolate chip cookie ice cream, which would surely make Snoopy grin from ear to ear.

Having tried both the regular version and the customised version, Masami reckons the customised one has a better ratio between chocolate and cream, and it’s even crunchier with the chocolate chips so she highly recommends trying it.

The drink retails for 648 yen (US$4.95) on its own, and it’ll only be on the menu for a limited time while stocks last, along with all the other delectable Peanuts drinks and treats in the range!

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