The Teriyaki McBurger goes “adult” with some surprising regional flavours.

McDonald’s is continually surprising its customers in Japan with some unusual regional-exclusives, and its latest release is yet another showstopper, as it takes the chain’s ever-popular Teriyaki McBurger and gives it several regional upgrades for a limited time.

▼ The new trio of burgers is called the “Otona no Gotouchi Teriyaki” (“Adult’s Regional Teriyaki“)

The three regions starring in this limited-time release are Hokkaido, Osaka, and Hakata, with each one featuring the flavour of a famous local specialty from that region. So let’s take a look at the lineup below!

Hokkaido Jaga Butter Teriyaki (450 yen [US$3.17])

“Jaga Butter” — short for “Jagaimo Butter” which literally translates to “potato butter” — is the Japanese term for a baked potato with butter. It’s particularly famous up in Hokkaido, Japan’s premier potato-producing region, and now it’s been whipped up into a sauce and added to a Teriyaki McBurger, with lettuce and cheddar cheese providing some fresh contrast. Combined with the teriyaki-slathered pork patty, this burger is said to have a mellow flavour profile that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Osaka Okonomiyaki-fu Sauce Tamago Teriyaki (450 yen)

Okonomiyaki, or savoury pancake, originally hails from the Kansai region in and around Osaka, and there are two main styles depending on whether it’s made in Osaka or Hiroshima. According to okonomiyaki aficionados, one of the main differences between the two styles is that the Osaka version contains mayonnaise while the Hiroshima version doesn’t, as it has a tangier sauce that doesn’t pair well with mayonnaise.

This central difference is one that McDonald’s is keen to acknowledge in this burger, saying it contains Osaka okonomiyaki-style mayo sauce flavoured with eggs, sea lettuce and red pickled ginger to make it taste like you’re “eating okonomiyaki in Osaka”.

Hakata Mentai Teriyaki Chicken (450 yen)

The final burger in the series pairs a teriyaki chicken patty with Hakata Mentai Mayo Sauce to create a blend that’s as good looking as it is addictive. Hakata mentaiko, otherwise known as Hakata Mentai, is pollock roe marinated in chilli peppers, and it’s a famous specialty in Fukuoka, the prefecture in which Hakata is the capital. The sauce has a spicy kick that pairs well with the salty sweet flavours of teriyaki.

▼ During the campaign period, there’ll also be a Teriyaki Muffin (340 yen) on the morning menu until 10:30 a.m.

Those looking for a new side for their burgers will want to try the Nagoya Meibutsu Tebasaki Aji (Nagoya Specialty Chicken Wings Flavour), a 40-yen seasoning for fries filled with the taste of Nagoya’s famous wings, which are deep-fried and coated with sweet soy sauce.

Rounding off the new products are two drinks — the McFizz Setouchi Lemonade (from 270 yen) and the McFloat Setouchi Lemonade (from 340 yen for a small), which contain lemon juice from Setouchi, Japan’s premier lemon-producing region.

To help promote the new Regional Teriyaki burgers, McDonald’s will be airing a commercial on national television from 27 June starring actors Joe Odagiri and Kumiko Aso. In the clip, the two are pictured inside a dekotora truck, waxing lyrical about how the McDonald’s Teriyaki McBurger has changed so much over the years. The conversation about burgers changing and their feelings about it acts as an analogy for their own relationship, which looks to be reigniting after years apart, now that the two characters have reunited as adults.

▼ Check out the retro-styled commercial below

We’ve gotta say, Odagiri’s regent hairstyle is nearly as good as our own reporter’s! It’s a fun way to grab the attention of adults looking for a change to the usual Teriyaki McBurger, and the new range will be on the menu at McDonald’s branches around Japan from 28 June until the end of July.

Source, images: Press release
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