First-generation model finally returns due to popular demand.  

Back in 2017, Studio Ghibli thrilled fans by releasing a No Face piggy bank. This amazing item sold out almost as soon as it was  released, leading to a new version being released in 2021, but for many, the new model, which saw No Face clutching a frog in one hand and a red dish in the other, couldn’t compare to the simplicity of the original, which had a less toothy appearance. 

▼ The second version didn’t prove to be as popular with fans, remaining in stock for a much longer period.

Well, it’s been a long six-year wait, but the original piggy bank has finally returned to Donguri Kyowakoku, Ghibli’s official merchandise chain, much to the delight of fans. This restock of the so-called “first generation” munching piggy bank is as beautiful as we remembered, with No Face holding the dish in two hands and looking slightly forlorn while the plate is empty.

▼ The kanji character “油” or “abura” is a nod to the Aburaya Bathhouse from Spirited Away.

Fill that plate with a few coins and No Face whirs into action, crying out “Ah…ah…” as music from the movie plays and the character lifts the dish of coins to its mouth.

▼ The piggy bank is activated when the coins in the dish reach a weight of about 30 grams (1 ounce).

▼ No Face reveals its teeth as it gobbles down the coins, before lowering the dish and closing its mouth.

▼ Once No Face has devoured the meal, it lets out a big satisfied burp at the end.

Having purchased the original back in 2017, we can vouch for its awesomeness. We even took a video of the piggy bank in action, complete with sound effects.

▼ The re-release is identical to the original, right down to the box design (pictured below).

The Spirited Away No Face Munching Piggy Bank retails for 6,600 yen (US$45.42) and can be purchased at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online. We always love it when Studio Ghibli shines a light on No Face, because as Hayao Miyazaki recently revealed, No Face is everywhere, and if we look hard enough, we may even find it hidden within us.

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku
Featured image:
Donguri Kyowakoku
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