Upgraded model boasts new features…and No Face is now hungry for more than just coins.

Back in 2017, Donguri Kyowakoku, the Japanese retail chain that sells official Studio Ghibli merchandise, brought out a fantastical piggy bank in the shape of No Face from Spirited Away.

Now, four years later, the “Kaonashi Mushamusha Chokin Bako” (“No Face Chomping Piggy Bank“) has returned, this time with a slew of added extras that build upon all the fun of the original.

▼ The original model

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▼ The upgraded model

The new version, called “Motto! Mushamusha Chokin Bako” (“More! No Face Chomping Piggy Bank“), now features more than just a big bowl for guzzling coins. While that bowl is still there, in the spirit’s left hand, its right hand is now free to hold other things as well.

One of the things it can hold is Aogaeru (“Blue Frog”), the frog spirit from the movie, which comes included in the set.

Another thing it can grasp is a big fish, also included in the set. And when No Face receives coins in the bowl, it’ll first lift its right hand to its mouth, as if to gobble up whatever’s in it, before raising the bowl and guzzling the coins down instead.

“Do I eat the frog or the coins? Hmmm…choices, choices… ah… ah.. ah…”

No Face will spring into action once the bowl hits a certain weight, so you’ll have to keep piling the coins on until the beast is satisfied that it’s a morsel worthy of consumption.

Music from the film plays while No Face is eating your money, and one of two phrases can be heard as well, with the spirit saying “I’m hungry. Starving!” or “I’m a customer, I’ll get in the bath too and wake everyone up!” in Japanese. And once the money has gone down the hatch, No Face finishes with a burp.

▼ This promo video shows the piggy bank in all its glory.

The Motto! Mushamusha Chokin Bako will be released on 22 July at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online for 6,380 yen (US$57.93). According to the company, this is just one of many new items set to be released this year to mark the 20th anniversary of Spirited Away, so we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us in the near future.

▼ Official Ghibli artwork to celebrate the 20th anniversary

We’ve already seen No Face on a 20th anniversary embroidered baseball jacket as part of the celebrations, so it looks like 2021 will be a great year for Spirited Away fans. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get some more additions to their mysterious bathhouse spirits collection too!

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