Starting your day with Bourbon remains a great idea.

Most people would say, and quite wisely, that breakfast and bourbon don’t mix well. However, here in Japan, you could make a strong argument that the first meal of the day is a fine time to enjoy Bourbon, with a capital B, as it’s the name of a Japanese confectionary company that produces some of the best ways to spruce up a slice of toast with next to no effort.

Bourbon started down this path when they began selling individually wrapped slices of chocolate which you add to a piece of bread like you would a slice of cheese. Now Bourbon is back with a new sweet morning eye-opener, but one with a more traditionally Japanese flavor: anko, or sweet red bean jam.

Ordinarily, anko is a paste, something scooped into or onto Japanese sweets. Bourboon, though, has produced anko in sliced form, using red beans grown in Hokkaido, the prefecture that produces the most highly prized red beans in Japan. Mixed in with the anko is butter, a combination of flavors popularized by breakfast cafes in Nagoya. All you have to do is lay down a sheet of anko on the bread, pop it in the toaster oven for a bit, and you’ll be enjoying the combination of sweet and creamy flavors, with the toasted bread helping to draw out a little extra sweetness.

You can also get fancy by putting a sheet of anko in wraps or crepes, as shown in Bourbon’s promotional photos, but really the appeal here is making quick and easy sweet red bean toast, as shown by the product’s name, Nosete Yaku An Butter Sheet (“Set-and-Toast An Butter Sheets”). They’re on sale at Japanese supermarkets as of March 1, with five sheets to a pack, so it looks like we’ll have a difficult decision to make on March mornings between putting these or Bourbon’s Melon Bread Sheets on our toast.

Source: Bourbon via Japaaan
Images: Bourbon
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