Dom Dom Burger goes big with a red wing burger for a red wing town.

Usually, you’d expect the fish sandwich option at a fast food restaurant to be the more sensible choice. Sure, the menu might have hamburgers with multiple patties, extra cheese, or other decadent extras, but the fish sandwich is generally a more low-key eating experience.

But that’s not the case right now at Dom Dom Hamburger.

Though it’s Japan’s oldest hamburger chain, Dom Dom tends to have a pretty low profile, by nature of not having all that many chains. The irony of the chain being often overlooked is that they sometimes come up with some crazy sandwiches that really stand out from the norm, and the latest is the Akaihane Burger, which is being offered exclusively at the Dom Dom branch in Ion Style Akabane, a shopping mall in Tokyo’s Kita Ward.

Akabane and Akaihane both translate as “red wings,” but the Akaihane Burger is actually a seafood sandwich, which is priced at 560 yen (US$3.80). That’s actually a little on the pricy side for a fried fish sandwich in Japan, but the extra cost is justified because…

…the Akaihane Burger is huge!

Oh, and just so you don’t get the mistaken idea that the Akaihane Burger achieves its dynamic appearance by using a tiny bun, here it is next to a Dom Dom fried chicken sandwich, which is the same circumference as a normal fast food burger.

The “Akaihane” name seems to be because the piece of fried whitefish is so large it looks like the wing of some great bird, an it’s slathered with tomato sauce. You also get some shredded cabbage for extra texture.

Lifting up the bun really hammers home how huge the sandwich is. Dom Dom says the fish is 25 centimeters (9.8 inches long, and while we didn’t bring a tape measure to check for ourselves, after eyeballing it we believe the official dimensions.

When eating the Akaihane Burger, it’s best to start at the more tapered end of the fish, so that the broader, heavier end can remain in place as an anchor to keep it from sliding out from the bun.

Biting into it, we learned that Dom Dom saved the shocking factor for the visuals here. The sandwich itself plays things straight with no crazy seasonings or hidden ingredients, although the combination of fried fish and tomato sauce is a little unorthodox.

But even if it doesn’t surprising the taste buds, the Akaihane Burger still makes them very happy, as this is a great tasting fried fish sandwich, and considering how filling it is, a pretty good value too.

We got our Akaihane Burger on March 16, the first day they went on sale. Dom Dom Hamburger says they’ll only be around “while supplies last,” and made no guarantee that they’d even be available for a second day, but luckily with Dom Dom’s penchant for crazy burger, we’ll see the return of the Akaihane Burger, or something similarly shocking and mouthwatering, sometime soon.

Restaurant information
Dom Dom Hamburger (Ion Style Akabane branch) / ドムドムハンバーガー(イオンスタイル赤羽店)
Address: Tokyo-to, Kita-ku, Kamiya 3-12-1, Ion Style Akabane 1st floor
Open 9 a.m.-10 pm.

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