Three designs based on three iconic anime magical girl costumes.

Anime magical girls tend to have pretty expansive wardrobes, what with the genre’s penchant for transformation sequences. Even within that group, though, Sakura Kinomoto, star of Cardcaptor Sakura, has an especially large wealth of costumes, and they’re serving as the inspiration for a stylish new shoe line from Japanese fashion design house Mayla.

If you’ve got a thing for foot fashion and anime alike, you’ll probably remember Mayla from their recent Hatsune Miku and Evangelion-themed offerings. They’re brining the same design philosophy to the Cardcaptor Sakura Iconique Heel Sneakers, which are frilly and flashy, with a colorful playfulness that fellow fans will recognize as a salute to the Clamp anime/manga series, but will also catch the appreciative eye of people who’ve never heard of the franchise.

Three different designs are on offer. Called Ribbon Rose, Angel Crown, and Academic Nocturne, they take their respective color cues from Sakura’s first opening sequence, second opening sequence, and school uniform outfits.

The hybrid sneakers/high-heels incorporates both a lace-up design and bold eight-centimeter (3.1-inch) heels, but with a wide base and grippy soles for added stability.

Each pair also comes with both “satin ribbon” and “spindle cord” laces, as well as attachable ribbons so that you can mix and match in whatever combination you’re feeling like that day.

▼ The Sealing Wand emblem on the inside is a nice touch.

And, as is always the case with Mayla, the box is a work of art too.

Priced at 32,780 yen (US$220) each, the lineup is on sale now but for a limited time only, until April 22, and can be ordered through the Mayla website here.

Source: Mayla via Nijimen
Images: Mayla
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