Six t-shirts for six iconic Treasure songs.

Uniqlo’s collaboration T-shirt line, UT, has produced some cool designs in the past in cooperation with the likes of Nintendo and Billie Eilish, and now they’ve done it again with K-pop. On May 24, Uniqlo Japan will release their Find Your Treasure UT line.

The collection includes six different T-shirts, each based on a different Treasure track. Each shirt will go for 1,500 yen (US$9.60) regardless of the design.

The first design is based on the group’s debut track “Boy“. The front features text that reads “Find Your Treasure” in the same font as the “Boy” music video. The back features the track list of their debut release.

The second design’s theme is the track “I Love You“. The front depicts the heart motif from their second single “The First Step: Chapter Two“, and the back is a screenshot of the ocean view featured in the music video.

The “Jikjin” design is quite simple, aiming for the feel of a car logo. The neon lettering matches the feel of the music video, which features neon lights contrasted with black.

The fourth design is rather self-explanatory to fans: it’s based on their hit “Darari“. The front features the song’s popular onomatopoeia in wavy lettering.

The “Hello“-themed T-shirt has the lyrics “Where you’ve been all my life”, along with a checklist graphic featured in the music video.

And finally, the sixth design is based on one of the group’s most popular songs, “Bona Bona“. The front features a CD graphic and the words “Born to love ya”.

All of these shirts are also available in the U.S. and a number of other overseas markets, but you can also grab them online or in Uniqlo stores across Japan starting May 24. Which T-shirt would you pick to be your treasure?

Source and images: Uniqlo Japan
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