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Hot on the heels of Lawson convenience stores’ surprise announcement of another Morisugi Challenge (“Too Much Challenge”) coming in June, their sister discount chain Lawson Store 100 will be holding their own Dekamori Challenge (“A Whole Lot Challenge”) at about the same time.

A Morisugi Challenge is where select items are given a size boost of 47 percent – a nod to the 47 prefectures of Japan – for no extra charge. A Dekamori Challenge is more or less the same thing but doesn’t necessarily rely on the “47 percent” rule and also isn’t necessarily based on currently existing items. It’s basically just a bunch of big stuff.

And although the stores share a name, Lawson Store 100 offers a considerably different array of food at prices that generally hover around the 100 yen to 200 yen range. I generally compare it to cafeteria food, but in a way that does have its own charm, and I sometimes find myself more in the mood for something from Lawson Store 100 rather than Lawson.

So, even though they might not be as flashy as Lawson’s food, they’re still pretty good bang for your buck. The first wave will run from 12 to 18 June.

First up is the Surprisingly Big! Cup Full of Pudding, or rather “purin” which is a kind of like a flan. It goes for the regular pudding price of 214 yen but is purportedly big enough to share with someone depending on your particular propensity for pudding consumption.

Perhaps best illustrating what I said earlier about “cafeteria food in a good way” is the Chicken Nanban Tartar Sauce & Ginger Pork Bento for 430 yen. Two classic meat dishes sharing a stage of fluffy white rice.

This week will also feature the Triple Egg Sandwich for 248 yen, which is triple because there are three pieces instead of two. They only have two types of egg with egg salad and sliced hard-boiled egg, making it a “triple double-egg sandwich” I suppose.

It’s joined by a totally swole sweet-bean-filled donut for 130 yen and a platter of warabi mochi with an extra helping for the same price of 119 yen.

These items will be joined by the aptly named Bomb Onigiri for 227 yen, which comes with a big piece of chicken tatsuta. This style of chicken is coated with soy sauce, mirin, and potato starch prior to frying.

And speaking of frying, there’s also a double-decker potato croquette burger for just 130 yen.

There should be enough time to recover and get hungry enough for the second wave, which comes to Lawson Store 100 from 19 to 25 June with a completely different lineup.

This time around, the store’s popular Long Wiener Bread will be given an additional long wiener for the same price of 120 yen. It’s also seasoned with the same mustard that made the original the hit that it is.

There’s also a rice ball with some thick kakiage tempura made up of onions, carrots, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Pound for pound, it’s a steal for just 120 yen.

Also during the week, Lawson Store 100’s tuna mayo rice ball will also be made into a Bomb Onigiri with a boost in volume for the same low price of 124 yen.

The same treatment will be given to their vegetable and beef curry bread with no change to their price of 130 yen for a two-pack.

A big bento will make an appearance this week too but this time with a very large potato croquette and fried chicken cutlet for 486 yen.

It’s bound to get hot by this time too, so you can cool down with a chilled kitsune udon whose fried tofu has been upsized to cover the entire surface of the soup for just 343 yen.

If that’s not enough, their chocolate banana crepe made with an entire banana for 214 yen can help to beat the heat.

With Lawson’s Morisugi Challenges often selling out fast, it’s good to know there’s some backup over at Lawson Store 100 to help fill out bellies for less.

Source, images: PR Times
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