Abe Shinzo

We tried washing our “Abe masks” in the washing machine to see how they hold up

The masks are rumored to shrink in the wash…so we had to test it out, of course.

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325 cruise participants diagnosed with coronavirus have recovered, were released from hospital

And Japanese citizens wonder why no news stations were reporting the good news

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Japanese PM asks schools around Japan to close as coronavirus cases rise

Surprise announcement comes as children are now testing positive for COVID-19.

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President Trump’s Pearl Harbor comments turn out to be misreported, all of Japan sighs in relief

Despite the “fake news”, the Japanese are glad that it was not a sign of a deteriorating political relationship.

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Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says he pays his Facebook and Twitter fees just like everyone else

Has Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe fallen for one of those “Facebook to start charging” hoaxes?

Abe found himself the butt of the joke in parliament this week after slipping up on the subject of social media. The prime minister proudly told the House of Councillors on Wednesday that of course, he pays his Facebook and Twitter membership fees.

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