McDonald’s releases new Come on Baby New York Burgers in Japan

Limited-edition collection takes our taste buds on a trip to the Big Apple. 

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Five things about New York that surprised our Japanese reporter

There are many quirks to life in the Big Apple, but not all of them are easy to get used to. 

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How origami changed the life of a Japanese woman in the U.S.

A lesson in how to overcome your fears and change your destiny.

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Japanese net user finds U.S. propaganda film from WWII and draws unusual conclusion

An American wartime propaganda video has one Japanese citizen reflecting on his nation’s societal structure today.

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President Trump’s Pearl Harbor comments turn out to be misreported, all of Japan sighs in relief

Despite the “fake news”, the Japanese are glad that it was not a sign of a deteriorating political relationship.

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Japanese people react to reading that “pizza is a vegetable in America”

If you live in the States, you may remember a few years ago when Congress blocked a proposal that aimed to make school lunches for children healthier. One of the provisions which stirred up considerable debate involved increasing the amount of tomato paste necessary to be considered a full serving of fruits and vegetables, but the proposal was eventually nixed, effectively maintaining that the tomato sauce used on pizza could count as a serving of vegetables.

After a Japanese news site broke the story fashionably late last month, Japanese people were incredulous to hear that from a legal standpoint, “pizza is a vegetable” in the U.S. Read on to learn more about the ongoing debate and some reactions of readers.

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