Twitter users band together to help find road-rage attacker in Osaka 【Video】

Cyclist threw his bike at a car and repeatedly punched its driver after a horn was beeped.

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Japanese ex-pro wrestler Chigusa Nagayo saves woman from assault in carpark

The female wrestler, who injured her finger during the altercation, is being hailed a hero for her actions.

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Japanese high school volleyball player beaten by coach, teammates for violating no-dating rule

Coach retains job, school says it does not think attacks by other students constituted bullying.

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Japanese radio host arrested after beating female co-host with microphone during live broadcast

67-year-old entertainer flies into violent rage during regular afternoon talk show.

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Japan’s train conductors would like to remind everyone not to attack them

Apparently people in Japan are finding it harder and harder not to assault their friendly neighborhood train station staff as incidents of assault are on the rise.

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Company president beats and kills employee, gets five years’ probation

Miyuki Muto, the president of a fish wholesaler, received a five-year suspended sentence for killing an employee after physically assaulting him.

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Doctor punches patient in the stomach after his third visit to ER in one night

Doctors are generally regarded more highly by society than the rest of us schlubs, and rightly so: they bring us into this world, sometimes guide us out of it, and all the while in between they do their best to keep us alive.

But of course doctors are just people too, and they’re prone to the same vices and character flaws that anyone might have. For example, one MD at a hospital in Aomori Prefecture let his short temper show recently when he punched a patient in the gut during a late night visit.

But was the doc just a hothead? Or was this particular patient just so obnoxious that the assault was warranted?

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Tokyo boss arrested for allegedly assaulting employee with a stun gun for being late

We’ve all had bosses we didn’t like for one reason or another. Maybe their breath smelled as if they’d never even heard of a toothbrush or maybe they were too demanding. Or, heck, we bet some of you have had bosses who were just plain jerks. But no matter how much you might hate your boss, you’ll probably feel a bit better towards him or her after reading about this 28-year-old who was viciously assaulted by his boss after arriving late to work.

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Blind high school girl injured after being kicked from behind in Saitama Prefecture station

Net users in Japan are in shock today after reading the news of how a blind high school girl in Saitama Prefecture was injured after being viciously kicked by an unknown assailant while making her way to school. This news comes just weeks after it was learned that a guide dog was stabbed three times by a passenger on a crowded train in the same prefecture.

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South Korean military under fire after severe hazing leaves private dead

More details have emerged of the abuse suffered by a private in the South Korean Army who died after intense physical bullying from fellow soldiers, and photos of his body reveal it to be black and blue with bruises. The incident has sparked outrage and concern for other young soldiers who may be suffering hazing or other problems during their intense mandatory two-year conscription.

Warning: This post contains graphic imagery and descriptions of violence.

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Kyoto man arrested after calling victim to apologize for assault

On 4 June at around 11pm bridal store employee, Eisuke Himoto, allegedly approached a 30-year-old woman on her way home from her part-time job. According to police, he called out to her asking, “Why don’t we get a drink?” to which the woman tried to run away.

Most men at this point would consider attempted escape as a sign that a woman is not into them. Himoto, on the other hand, allegedly felt this had become the perfect opportunity to begin hugging and kissing the woman from behind.

Luckily, Himoto’s same utter lack of judgment would eventually lead to his speedy arrest shortly after.

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Newsflash: AKB48 members attacked by saw-wielding “fan” at handshake event【UPDATED】

At 4:55 p.m. today, the company behind many of Japan’s larger idol groups, AKS, released a statement regarding an attack on members of AKB48 and event staff during a handshake event in Iwate Prefecture this afternoon.

Members Rina Kawaei (19) and Anna Iriyama (18), as well as a male member of the venue staff, are said to have been injured, with a 24-year-old male taken into police custody.

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Father Bites and Kills Own Son for Being “Possessed by a Snake”

Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture was the site of a bizarre death of 23 year-old Takuya Nagaya at the hands his father, Katsumi Nagaya. The victim was repeatedly assaulted including bites before succumbing to injuries.

The father having been arrested on suspicion of assault had said “I did it to drive out the snake that had possessed him.”

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Chinese Mobile Gamer Falsely Accused of Taking Secret Photos, Severely Beaten by Villagers

In a story reported by Kotaku Japan, a young man in Pingxiang, China was attacked by villagers when he was mistaken for a social worker spying on them with his mobile phone.

The situation soon got out of hand, and after a brief skirmish the young man was left with a fractured skull. Almost a year later, he is still receiving medical treatment and regularly suffers seizures.

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American Soldier Suspected of Trespassing and Assaulting Okinawan Middle School Student After Curfew

Since 16 October a curfew has been in place on all US soldiers stationed in Japan restricting them from leaving their bases from 11pm to 5am.  This was in response to an incident where two soldiers allegedly raped a young Japanese woman in Okinawa.

However, on 2 November what appeared to have been a drunk American soldier trespassed into a room and struck a young boy.  The police investigation is ongoing.

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