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Man pushed onto tracks at train station in Japan after listening to loud music on headphones

A desire for peace and quiet leads to violence at a Japanese train station. 

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Clever alarm system invented by Japanese railway company will wake even the deepest of sleepers

Say goodbye to that snooze button forever with the “Timely Wake-up Device”.

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Japanese railway company to replace the awesome title of “train conductor” with just “crew”

All in the name of flexibility.

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A friendly reminder from Japan Rail to please refrain from spitting in the face of staff

Apparently this is a thing that happens enough that JR East decided to print up posters about it.

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Shinkansen breaks down, causes all-day commuter chaos at Tokyo Station

Thousands stranded for hours during Japan’s peak holiday travel period. 

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Japan Railway doing away with train departure chimes in plan to stop dangerous mad dashes

Company is tired of people thinking the chime means “Feel free to knock people over if they’re standing between you and your train.”

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All Japan Railway Tokyo trains to finally get security cameras starting this summer

Decision comes following Shinkansen slashing, but hopefully will also curb train groping.

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The five best bento boxed lunches sold at train stations in east Japan

Short on time to pick which bento to buy before your train leaves? Let us help you choose.

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What should Tokyo’s newest rail station be called? Poll asks high school girls for their opinion

It’s for trains, but “Space Station” did surprisingly well in the survey.

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Japanese rail employee surprises commuters with unusual-sounding announcement

The difference between this man’s appearance and the sound of his voice has everyone talking.

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Japanese subway puts up posters of middle-aged men saying how Dragon Ball changed their lives

Goku taught me everything I know… including how to fire a kamehameha wave.

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Yamanote Line train temporarily suspended after carriage fills with smoke in Tokyo

According to reports, a mobile phone battery pack fire was the cause of the incident.

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JR East to re-educate employees after frequent overruns on JR Keiyo Line

CHIBA — JR East says it will re-educate its employees after its trains have been involved in a series of overruns at platforms.

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What is this weird train spotted at a Japanese railway station?

Can you guess what the bizarre-looking vehicle is used for?

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Japan’s Harajuku Station to be rebuilt ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

East Japan Railway Company today released images of new building designs planned for three stations on two of the city’s popular train lines.

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JR East to introduce numbering system at all stations in Tokyo

East Japan Railway Co (JR East) will introduce a numbering system for all its stations in Tokyo starting in October, in a bid to to facilitate navigation for foreigners traveling within the capital ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Japanese conductor gives heartwarming message on train’s final run before it’s shipped overseas

A Japanese train conductor’s final announcement aboard a train about to be transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia hit some passengers right in the feels.

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Did a Japanese high school student stop 350,000 people from getting home by throwing a bag?

Imagine you’re taking the train home from work at 7 p.m., finally getting to leave after being there for almost twelve hours. You can’t wait to just eat some dinner, relax, and then get some much-needed sleep.

But then bam! The train stops and the electricity goes off. You’re stuck, and you’re not getting home for a long, long time.

That’s exactly what happened on August 4 to many passengers in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. An accident shut down entire lines, affecting over 350,000 people’s commute home.

What caused it, you ask? The answer may be a single high school student and his friend’s bag.

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Pokémon train brings smiles to Tohoku kids’ faces

The Pokémon with YOU Train is a collaboration between JR East and Pokémon that’s been bringing smiles to the faces of kids affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and this week it made a special appearance in Chiba!

We’re not kids any more, but having seen how awesome it is, we really wish we could take a ride on this thing!!

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JR East putting on love-handles for Valentine’s Day

Imagine getting on a train after slogging through the slush-filled streets of Tokyo under a grey cloud-filled sky. With the usual packed row of seats, you’re forced to stand while you manipulate your Twitter feed with only one hand.

Then you begin to notice and odd sensation in the hand you’re using to keep your footing as the train jerks and rattles along. The strap you had unwittingly chosen feels a little different to normal. Looking up, you discover that it is in fact in the shape of a heart, and next to it is another heart-shaped hand strap being held into by another. Then your two eyes meet and you’re both struck by what Michael Corleone referred to as a “lightning bolt.”

This is exactly the kind of scene Japan Rail East hoped will play out in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day when they installed a single pair of heart-shaped hand straps on trains running along the Keiyo Line.

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