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Survey shows that Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier

Childbirth rates in Japan may be low, but couples are getting started earlier than before.

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Rethinking of gender roles is a “prerequisite” for raising Japan’s birth rate, experts say

Panel says a reevaluation of how much housework and childcare Japanese men should do is necessary for reversing the country’s aging, shrinking population trend.

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Food, sleep, or sex? Survey asks Japanese people which they can’t live without

One wins in a landslide, while another gets hardly any votes at all.

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What do Japanese people think of their country’s low birthrate? 【Video】

Japan has a big problem with little babies, but what do the Japanese people think about it?

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Singaporeans are getting creative when it comes to combating the low fertility rate

With one of the lowest birth rates in the world, activists in Singapore are using clever advertising campaigns and humor to try to trigger a baby boom.

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Is Japan itself dying of old age? Premium city real estate auctioned off for next to nothing

It’s no secret that Japan’s elderly population is on the rise while the younger population is on decline. Though everyone from the government to economists is trying to figure out what the ramifications of such a top-heavy population will be, Japan is already feeling some of the consequences.

No place is this more apparent than in Japan’s northern prefecture of Aomori. What was once a thriving area a few decades ago is now by all accounts a snowy ghost town.

The most recent event to highlight just how bad things have become is Aomori City practically give away prime real estate. Why has this happened and just how bad are things in Aomori? Read on to find out!

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Japan tops list of countries with shrinking population projection, but no one’s surprised

As you may have heard, the Japanese population has taken a turn for the older…and the smaller. In fact, it has even topped a list of five countries facing “extinction” according to Sputnik Japan. The statistics have got a lot of people talking online, and we’re here to share all the tongue-wagging with you!

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