declining birthrate

Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space

Innovative new renovation style creates the most spacious apartments Japan has ever seen. 

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Japanese politician’s birthrate plan: Have parents nag their kids to have “at least three babies”

Wants Grandma and Grandpa to get in on the pro-procreation propaganda too.

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Japan suffers 37th consecutive year of low birthrate, Japanese people may become extinct someday

Turns out that Japanese citizens are aware of their fate, but there seems to be no solution to avert the impending disaster.

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To combat declining birth rate, Japan to begin offering “Breeding Visas” to foreigners

Later this year, Japan will attempt to induce its own baby boom.

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What do Japanese people think of their country’s low birthrate? 【Video】

Japan has a big problem with little babies, but what do the Japanese people think about it?

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Haneda Airport to give their workers super-human strength with robotic exoskeletons

A number of developed countries around the world are experiencing declining birth rates, as people focus more on building careers and social life than on repopulating for future generations. While lower birth rates aren’t necessarily a bad thing — they tend to arise from increased education in a society — it can prove worrisome for countries like Japan, which experts predict will see a population decline of more than 20 million people by the year 2040.

With a skyrocketing number of centenarians and not enough people to support them, what’s a country to do? There is the option of recruiting more women into the workforce, or increasing the number of immigrants to fill in the gaps, but with so many elderly people on hand, why not keep them working by giving them the power to get the hard work done with robotic exoskeletons?

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