Pet owner’s saga of buying a kotatsu for her cat doesn’t go as planned (or does it?)

We suppose the moral of the story is that cats will be cats.

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If you’re going to worship your cat, you may as well make him a cardboard box Shinto shrine

Simple craft project lets you tell your cat, in no uncertain terms, that he exists on a higher plane than you do.

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Man builds “cardboard box house” for cat, cat looks decidedly unimpressed

Guess what, guys? It’s finally Friday!! Well, it is if you’re in Japan where this quite distraught-looking feline lives.

After reading the title “I made a cardboard box house for my cat” alongside which these tragically cute photos were shared, one would perhaps expect to see some kind of cute corrugated structure with a feline happily purring away inside or on top of. Having seen the finished product, however, we bet this cat is thinking of taking legal action on the grounds of false advertising…

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