This Robo Chef will make you perfect fried rice without any need to lift a heavy wok

Our reporter couldn’t get enough of this kitchen machinery that requires no more physical exertion than simply throwing in the ingredients.

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“I’m almost embarrassed by how good it is”: Our reporter really, really loves this fried rice

Think of this piece as our Japanese reporter’s love confession to this particular brand of frozen fried rice in honor of “Frozen Food Day.”

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Professional Chinese food chef teaches us how to make the perfect fried rice

If you’re anything like us, you love Chinese food. Ramen, dumplings, spicy ribs, the always delicious chahan (fried rice) – you name it, we’ll keep eating it so long as you keep bringing it! Chahan is, we have to admit, pretty easy to make, but even so we can never get it to taste as good as the stuff they serve in the restaurant.

But no more! A couple of writers from our Japanese sister site recently went to get some pointers on cooking great fried rice from a real Chinese-food chef. Here are his four tips for making killer chahan at home!

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