Japanese high school student makes gross yet cool action figure out of bugs

“He invaded the earth and survives as the fittest of the bug world.”

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What’s the best way to deal with an abundance of cicada skins? Build Godzilla, of course!

It’s cicada season in Japan, but this Twitter user doesn’t let their creepy, crunch remains get them down!

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We order a bag of cicadas from China and eat them, because summer 【Taste Test】

Some things are inseparable from a Japanese summer: fireworks festivals, face-melting heat and humidity, young men and women awkwardly courting in yukata, and of course the deafening roar of cicadas. Here, the vociferous critters just provide the soundtrack to summer, but did you know that in some places, they are on the summer menu too?

Our intrepid Japanese reporter Ponkotsu did and he sent off to the cicada-producing center of Lishui in China’s Zhejiang Province for a bag of bugs to taste test.

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