A foot-based way to prevent mosquito bites? Japanese Twitter tries the bloodsucker blocking tip

A few quick wipes might save you from a ton of itchy bites.

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Cosplay mosquito repellent? Japan’s new magical-armor-style accessory protects you from bugs

Because anime heroes shouldn’t have to worry about bug bites.

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Twitter permanently freezes Japanese man’s account after he makes death threat…against mosquito

Heated comments about hated blood-sucker lead to trouble.

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Protect yourself from insects this summer with the full-body mosquito net jumpsuit from Japan

Whether you’re at a festival or playing Pokémon Go outdoors, now you can protect yourself from nasty mozzie bites with a full-body mosquito net!

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Japanese company’s full-body mosquito net jumpsuits: For when all the bug spray just isn’t enough

Japan gets incredibly muggy in the summer. For many people, the worst part about the soaring humidity is the way it makes them constantly sweat, but for me, the bigger issue is always the mosquitos. Right now, I’m sitting pretty with a relatively low count of only two large, itchy bug bites, but summer is just getting started, and I’m sure I’ll have many more before the seasons is done.

But no matter how much bug replant you spray on, there’s just no way to completely keep mosquitos off your skin, right? Actually, it turns out there is one foolproof method: slipping into one of these full-body mosquito net jumpsuits.

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