Japan has a Reassuring Door Opener to soothe coronavirus fears, so let’s try it out【Photos】

A gadget to clip to your belt to help put your mind at ease.

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Ingenius method of getting Japanese kids to practice hand-washing earns a stamp of approval

Any parents in Japan fretting about their kids’ hand hygiene will want to buy one of these cute stamps.

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Pretty or practical? Japanese supermarket sparks conversation about shelf stacking styles

Seiyu might be setting a precedent with their easily stackable product tubs.

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Clever Japanese toilet paper holder keeps your fingers clean and public restrooms stocked 【Video】

For the most part, Japanese society places a high value on cleanliness. But as you might have deduced from it being the country that gave the world children’s literary classic Everyone Poops, even in Japan nature calls, and when it does, sometimes you’ll need to duck into a public restroom.

Japan’s high-tech toilets have become the stuff of legend, what with the adjustable angles and temperatures of their bottom-washing water sprays. But there’s another welcome bit of user-friendliness waiting in many Japanese restrooms in the form of an extremely clever, and sanitary, toilet paper holder design.

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The great debate: Eye-opening survey asks ‘How often do you wash your bath towel?’

According to practitioners of feng shui (Chinese geomancy that is supposed to help improve one’s life by bringing in positive energy), when you dry your body with a bath towel, you’re not just wiping away drops of water, but removing misfortune as well. So, if you use the same bath towel the following day without washing it, you’ll just be reintroducing the misfortune you had gone through the trouble of wiping away the previous day.

If that’s true, and the results of a recent survey are to be believed, then some of us are far luckier than others…

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