Country Ma’am

The secret of Starbucks Japan’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie: It’s not made by Starbucks!

Starbucks has a delicious cookie we just found out about, but the credit actually goes to one of Japan’s favorite domestic confectioners.

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With new Country Ma’am cookie-scented lip cream, you can enjoy the delectable cookies all day long

Forever on your lips, never on your hips!

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RocketNews24 taste test: Country Ma’am Honey Castella and Black Honey Karinto cookies

We previously reported on the development of two kinds of new chocolate chip cookies based on the traditional Japanese snackscastella and karinto, released by Fujiya and their popular soft cookie line, Country Ma’am.

Well, today’s the day these cookies were released to the hungry public, so we snatched up a few bags to see how the American taste of a chocolate chip cookie adopts these two Japanese tastes. Our full, lips-on review after the break!

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