daily life in Japan

7 ways people in Japan deal with heavy snow, including the use of special ponds called “tane”

Locals teach us how to live comfortably in areas that experience heavy snowfall.

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What it’s like to live in Tokyo’s least safe neighbourhood

Five things our reporter noticed after moving from Tokyo’s safest area to its least safe one.

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Unique Japanese household items leave foreigners stumped【Video】

Japan has a plethora of products that are weird even by the standards of many Japanese, like these big booty mouse pads Sir Mix-a-Lot would approve of, cosplay outfits for pets, or photo books dedicated to male nipples. But perhaps some of the country’s most unique products to spend your cash on are just everyday items you can find in most Japanese homes.

Our Japanese site was curious to find out if foreigners could identify some of these “strange” household staples, so they sent a reporter to interview people from different countries on the streets of Tokyo to see what they had to say.

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