81-year-old Japanese man leaps into river to save drowning 86-year-old woman

Because you’re never too old to be a hero.

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Save your drowning lover or friend first? Japanese Twitter user’s reaction is darkly hilarious

When discussing the gut-wrenching question, Japanese man looks outside the box…and into the heart of darkness.

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Schoolkids in China receive “anti-drowning” lessons

Before you read the title of this post, was your initial reaction to the photo above? If you’re anything like us, you probably assumed that it was some quirky new trend going on at schools in China (remember those metal “vision safeguarding” bars on the desks, anyone?); perhaps some experiment in synchronised face-washing or a way of keeping sleepy students alert in the afternoon.

The truth, though, is rather more unnerving: these kids are being taught a valuable lesson about water safety.

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Japanese Internet addict almost drowns infant son by mistake

On October 9 at 1 A.M., emergency responders in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture received a call from a frantic young mother whose baby boy had nearly drowned in the bathtub. If only she hadn’t been distracted by the Internet, this horrifying ordeal could have been avoided entirely.

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Man Forced to Choose Between Mother and Wife Drowning at the Same Time, China Continues to Become the Home of Hypothetical Situations Come to Life

One of the amazing things about China is that with its massive population of 1.3 billion, strange events tend to happen with more frequency than other countries. And they’re usually the kind of strange events imagined during late night drinking sessions. For example, someone falls into a pit of human feces. Who in your neighborhood would be the first person to jump in to save them?  Happened in China.  Your boyfriend stole your money so he could buy you presents.  What would you do? Happened in China.

Now your wife and your mother are both drowning. Who do you save? This also happened in China a few weeks ago, and not everyone agrees with the man’s decision.

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