escape room

Experience the real terror of a giant monster attack with the upcoming Escape From Godzilla Game!

If watching the old movies is not thrilling enough for you, maybe taking him down yourself will give you the rush you’re looking for.

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Get a Peek at Universal Studios Japan’s ‘Death Note- The Escape’ Game in Promo Video

Beloved series Death Note is bringing fans a chance to team up with L for a realistic escape game.

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Japan’s “escape room” games go foreigner-friendly, into the underground

I’m slightly claustrophobic. So you might wonder why I would volunteer to have myself locked into a small room with a bunch of strangers. The truth is that I can’t resist a puzzle.

This is an escape room, an immersive puzzle-solving experience that will test your lateral thinking skills and problem-solving, and for the first time in Japan, it’s being offered in English and Chinese.

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