Godzilla extends attack on seaside hotel in Japan, fans invited to hours-long escape room game

Atami hoteliers thought Godzilla’s attack would end in spring, but the King of the Monsters makes his own schedule.

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All aboard Tokyo’s newest English-playable real escape game! We try Escape from the Runaway Train

Nine rooms of puzzles and a countdown to disaster to get your team’s minds working and pulses racing.

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New Hunter x Hunter escape room has you take the Hunter exam, snack on anime-tastic food

You too can be a hunter like Gon and Killua by enrolling in the Hunter exam escape game!

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Piko Taro is back with a new Professor Layton puzzle version of PPAP 【Video】

Can you figure out the answer to Piko Taro’s Q-U-I-Z?

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Japan’s “escape room” games go foreigner-friendly, into the underground

I’m slightly claustrophobic. So you might wonder why I would volunteer to have myself locked into a small room with a bunch of strangers. The truth is that I can’t resist a puzzle.

This is an escape room, an immersive puzzle-solving experience that will test your lateral thinking skills and problem-solving, and for the first time in Japan, it’s being offered in English and Chinese.

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